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Student Government met Tuesday and discussed a few new topics as the semester comes to a close. Only one piece of legislation was brought up, but a few new discussion topics were talked over.

The legislation discussed was a bill allowing for $5,000 to be spent for the tree lighting ceremony that is going to be held by the Student Community Engagement (SCE) office on Nov. 15 on Renner Lawn. Some of the senators called into question what exactly they would be using the money for since it is such a large sum of money. The SCE did not have a set budget, but they said it would be put toward some of the decorations, cookies and hot chocolate.

In response to this point, another senator brought up the fact that the unused money that Student Government had in its account at the end of the year will go into the University’s undesignated funds account. This was to make it clear that they are not creating a stockpile of the money to save for another event.

With the tree lighting ceremony in approximately a week, many advertisements have been dispersed around campus. These flyers have talk about an iceless ice skating rink and a couple of other activities, and a few of the senate members brought up the fact that if the SCE is using the money from the bill to pay for these things but they are just now asking for the money, it is a little suspicious. Members questioned why they would jump to the assumption that Student Government would supply the sufficient funds.

Another debate topic that emerged was that the senate members wanted to actually help and volunteer at the event itself because it was supposed to be a paired event, but there was not any other information about that brought up. In response to that, a senator said that it could be okay to just supply the money and slowly work their way into a true partnership with the SCE, since they have been running the event for a couple of years now and know how it runs. The bill ended up being passed 14 to 5.

Other events brought up during the meeting featured tie blankets for Avondale Elementary School, Phi Kappa Psi’s mustache contest, and building day. The SCE is making tie fleece blankets for every student at Avondale, and they need students to help them make the blankets. In order to celebrate No Shave November, Phi Kappa Psi is holding a mustache growing contest. The winner will win a gift card and the pride of knowing that they have the best mustache on Capital’s campus. Building day will help the members of Student Government create new legislation and will get the administration involved in the process as well.

Student Government will be meeting at 9:15 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 14 in Weiler and encourage students to come and their own input to legislation and other issues regarding the student body. They also hope to pass a few more pieces of legislation before Thanksgiving break and the end of the fall semester.

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