Theology for Everybody: Sabbath

Rev. Drew Tucker   “What does the word Sabbath mean?” Great question! To Sabbath means to take a break from life’s work, to rest, and to give thanks to […]

Theology for Everybody: “Eucharist”

Rev. Drew Tucker Recently, I shared with the Embrace group an invitation to Eucharist. One splendidly wise soul immediately sent me a private message that suggested, “What is eucharist […]

The true, radical nature of International Women’s Day

Submitted by Alex Mathews, senior economics and history major with minors in political science and philosophy International Women’s Day has fallen victim to the American tradition of co-opting radical movements […]

Column: Theology for Everybody

Column by Rev. Drew Tucker, University Pastor  I’ve worked at Capital for over a year now. One incredible blessing is the diverse set of friends I’ve made in Capital Worship […]