September 27, 2021

Top Four Places to Write Your Next Paper

So your first big paper of the semester is due soon, and you’ve been working for days when writer’s block hits. If you have to stare at the same four walls of your dorm any longer you might scream, but the paper still needs finished, so where do you go?! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are some of the best places on and around campus for when you want to run away, but you still need to get work done. Whether you like solitude and quiet or the hum of other people working around you, we have the perfect spot for the next time you get the itch for a new writing spot. 

Third floor of library

Most people know the third floor of the library is a quiet space, but if you feel like you really need to hide away to finish that research paper, the quiet and isolation make it a great place to hunker down. 

The third floor of the library holds plenty of desks and workspaces for students. Photo by Becca Delong.

The corner facing the conservatory has the perfect combination of cozy couches, big windows, and lots of outlets to make a weekend of non-stop homework almost bearable, with the entire helpful library staff just a few flights of stairs away. The third floor is available to students until midnight Sunday through Thursday and 5 p.m. Friday and Saturday. 

Library group study rooms

Of course, other places in the library also have their fans. Erin Debo, senior instrumental music education major, prefers the group study rooms on the first and second floors because they’re “like having a very intimidating office” all to yourself.

Pictured are the individual study rooms, ready for students to rent out. Photo by Becca Delong.

Each of the five rooms comes with a table, four chairs, and a white board, while some also have TVs. Available on a first come first serve basis to anyone with a valid Capital ID, you can use a study room as long as you are out five minutes before the library closes. 

Main Street Starbucks

If you prefer your working environment a little more populated, a great spot is the Starbucks on Main Street. Less than half a mile from campus, it offers both indoor and outdoor seating in close proximity to all the caffeine you could need to power through that book review. The Starbucks is perfect for students who prefer a homework party to solitude, people-watchers, or those who like to take frequent snack breaks. Starbucks is open most days until 9:30 p.m.

The Fishbowl

Another spot for those that like a little more action in their writing spaces but don’t want to leave campus is the “fishbowl” in the Conservatory. One music education major, Covie Gray, said she likes to write in the fishbowl because she works best when there are other people around.

 “There’s always people there!” Gray said.

This lobby, popular with both Conservatory students and those just looking for an on-campus change of scenery, was given its nickname because of its wall of windows, meaning there’s always lots of natural light coming in. You can scan into the fishbowl until 11 p.m. with your ID.

Here are links to find library hours, how to reserve a study room, and Starbucks hours.

  • Becca DeLong is a senior at Capital University and a reporter for the Chimes. She is an English Literature major, a History minor, the Vice President of Sigma Tau Delta, and an Oxford comma enthusiast.

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