June 20, 2024

BREAKING NEWS: University to sell Trinity Apartments North Complex

BREAKING: Today, the department of Business and Finance emailed a statement to facility and staff stating that the university is planning to sell the Trinity North Apartments and Townhouses. 

A Facilities Plan Task Force that consisted of representatives from Student and Community Engagement, Residential and Commuter Life, Facilities, Finance, Academic Affairs, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, and the Law School met in the spring of 2022 to review the previous Facilities Plan and construct a new one.

Part of the updated plan included selling the Trinity North Apartments and Townhouses. This new plan was authorized by the Board during the June 2022 meeting. 

According to the statement, “The property currently houses 12 Capital undergraduate and graduate students and their families, and 20 Columbus State Community College students who live there as part of a lease agreement.” 

The University anticipates that the property will not need to be vacated until December 2023. 

After inspecting the condition of the complex, the university learned that an estimated $10 million worth of repair would need to be done to the property over the next 10 years. Due to the renovations already done in other resident halls, residential capacity can be increased in Cotterman, Lohman, Saylor-Ackermann, and Schaff halls.

The funds from the sale of the Trinity North Apartments and Townhouse will be held in a separate fund used for future improvements to the university that are consistent with the Facilities Plan.
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