June 23, 2024

Glass Onion: shattering all expectations

After watching “Glass Onion,” I only have one question: why haven’t we made more movies like this? 

“Glass Onion” is the second movie in the “Knives Out” cinematic universe, and I really hope it is not the last. This movie took me by surprise; every plot twist had me begging for more and at one point, I was completely oblivious as to what was going to happen next.

“Glass Onion” is about four friends: Claire DeBella, Lionel Toussaint, Birdi Jay and Duke Cody. The group was invited to the private island of the famous “self-made” billionaire, Miles Bron. 

Bron made his money by co-founding a company called Alpha, but what the company does is never made clear throughout the movie, so we have no actual idea of how Bron is so ridiculously wealthy. 

As the core four approached the docks, they were introduced to another person who received an invitation, the beloved detective from “Knives Out,” Benoit Blanc. However, that is not where the surprise ends. 

Andi Brand, the co-founder of Alpha and estranged friend of the group, makes her appearance just as the boat is getting ready to set sail. The audience gets another look at who the characters are and their different personalities, through the way they wear their masks, their chosen outfits and their behavior when the two unexpected guests appear. 

When everyone made it to the island, the dynamic of the group was made very clear. Five out of the six “friends” were very close, while Brand was on the outskirts, shunned for something unbeknownst to the audience. While the eccentric group pretended to act as if there was nothing amiss, like the great detective he is, Blanc noticed. 

Throughout the duration of the movie, the audience learns very quickly that all of these so-called friends have no problem with throwing each other under the bus to further their own agendas. Everyone was on that island for their own reasons, and without spoiling too much, I can tell you this: no one was there for the right ones. 

The invite to the private getaway made it clear there was to be a murder mystery. However, the fake murder mystery took a turn when one of the friends ended up truly dead. Oddly, instead of pointing fingers, everyone automatically assumed that the killer must be Brand. 

Then again, not everything is what it seems.

 While I was watching this movie, I had to trust the process. My brain was in overdrive with how much information was being thrown out, and if you think that you can just ignore certain things that seem irrelevant, you would be wrong. 

Every line spoken in this movie is important, regardless of how trivial it may seem. If you look away from the screen for even one second, you have most likely missed key information. This is not a good movie to play for background noise as you clean the dishes or catch up on some homework. To fully let yourself become immersed in the mystery, you need to put everything aside and direct your undivided attention to the screen. 

“Glass Onion” is not for the easily distracted or confused. If you are ready to be blown away, but still have your mind put to the test, this is the movie for you. 

For the entire run time of  “Glass Onion,” you will be on the edge of your seat. So sit back, relax and grab a bucket of popcorn because this movie is going to knock your socks off.


  • Sophie Makhoul

    Sophie is a junior History and Education major. In her free time, she likes to cuddle with her cat, read books and write new stories.

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