September 28, 2022

A New Swing on Valentine’s Day

Whips, paddles, floggers, and even caning – a lot of these words can pretty easily be recognized as “fetishes” thanks to the “50 Shades of Grey” craze.

“The most popular fetish is flogging, followed by rope play,” said RK Levy, Princeton Club owner. “While the [overall] most popular fetish[es] in the world are the different foot fetishes.”

However, there are many other types of “fetishes” that are still less known and even more taboo – swinging is one of them. Many individuals, whether single or attached, swing on a regular basis, and Columbus just happens to have a club specifically for swinging.

Princeton Club is a “lifestyle” club that tailors to those people who like to explore popular and unpopular “fetishes” alike. Newcomers can stop by and get a 30-day trial membership if they please. Or, if you’re out of town and want to mingle, there’s a pass for that, too. Many lifestyle clubs operate this way and do require membership to come into the club and play with the other guests.

So, how did this club begin and who runs the operation? RK Levy owns and operates the Princeton. In 2004, he and his real estate partner, Kitty, decided to build a lifestyle club. The term “lifestyle” simply means swinging community. The swinging community is made up of all genders and orientations.

“Swinging comes from all walks of life,” Levy said. ‪“We were leasing the building to various tenants, and, one by one, the tenants went out of business, and we decided to build a first class facility.”

Surprisingly, many swingers are in a committed relationship – a lot are even happily married, just with open marriages.

“As a couple, you are committed to your partner. It is an open expression of ones sexual feelings,” Levy said.  “Instead of sneaking off and initiating an affair or a fling, you are, as a couple, talking about and [coming to an agreement] about outside sexual liaisons.”

A lot of people question how this could possibly work for people in committed relationships. Many people cringe when their partner so much as looks at another person. So, the idea of his or her partner sleeping with someone else is unthinkable. Just like there are different levels of porn, bondage, and role-play, there are also different levels of swinging that can range from soft-core to hard-core swinger depending on the couple or individual’s comfort and experience level.

As Levy said, “some couples are not comfortable just swapping partners for a sexual romp.”

A lot of people new to the swinging scene simply observe.

“The masters, or doms, running a scene have been mentored by other masters,” Levy said. “The beginner couples or singles are advised to watch and pay attention to the actual activities taking place. No one is forced into any scene.”

It is important to set perimeters, goals, and a safe word(s) with your partner or, yourself if you are an individual embarking on the adventure alone, before stepping foot into the club.

A common concern for new swingers is safety. In Levy’s opinion, his club is one of the safest clubs for young women.

“We are…a club that has been designed for women, managed by women, and women are totally in charge at our facility. In eleven years, there has never been one fight inside or outside of the club,” Levy said.

The club also has rules everyone must follow. Aside from requests for safe, protected sex and safe words, safe playing is also encouraged in other ways.

“The second most important rule is ‘No Means No,’” Levy said. “We do not allow anyone to touch another person without his or her permission. Violating that rule will cause you to be removed from the club permanently.”

Princeton Club is having many events to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Starting at 8:01 p.m. and going until 2:31 a.m. on February 13, the club will be hosting Princeton’s Sweetest Friday and Wine Tasting. On the same night, Attack of the CUPID Luscious Ladies Party will be hosted on the other level of the club. It will run from 8:02 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.

Saturday will also have three other events to help swingers celebrate as well. From 4-8 p.m., the club will host a couples massage class. Then the evening’s party will kick off directly after and be followed by an after party lasting until 5:03 a.m. These events do cost money, and a reservation is encouraged to save a VIP table so the ultimate experience can be enjoyed.

Besides the holiday events that will be taking place this week, the club has special fetish and bondage nights a few times a month. These events take place on the second floor, as it is a more hard-core environment.

“The equipment changes for every party, but there are areas set up for the master to create a scene,” Levy said.  “The scene is where the action takes place and everyone not associated with the scene does not interfere in the role play taking place.”

Some fetish tricks and toys that could be included in the scene range from rope play, electric shock, and the electric wand, to flogging, penetration, etc.

“The participants are well aware of what is to transpire, and they have verbal signals to stop, start, and increase or decrease the action taking place,” Levy said. “These scenes are monitored, and everyone signs a waiver that they are very informed and willing participants in the action. We do not allow any cutting or needles on our premise.”

In short, swinging is slowly becoming less taboo, even without any new fetish movie crazes.

“Couples and singles love the freedom to express themselves and socialize with other adults without being criticized for their lifestyle,” Levy said.

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