July 2, 2020

Capbucks can now be used at Zoe’s and Jimmy John’s

The use of Capbucks at local restaurants is in full swing as of Monday, Feb. 6, which was the final day of testing at Jimmy John’s.

Final testing at Zoe’s was done on Tuesday, Jan. 24, the same day that the restaurant released its new, improved menu.

The process is simple; students just need to let their server or cashier know that they’ll be paying with Capbucks. The tip line must be filled out before student ID’s are swiped, but other than that, the process is almost identical to that of using a regular debit or credit card.

Testing at Zoe’s was attended by six members of the track team, none of whom had eaten Zoe’s before.

“Now that I know the food is good and I can use by Capbucks, I’ll definitely come back,” said first-year Ally Cummings.

Delivery from Jimmy John’s is still an option when paying with Capbucks, too. Students simply need to call to place their order and give the employee their student ID number. A tip can be taken out of student Capbucks accounts as well.

While having only been fully functioning for a few days, this expansion of Capbucks usage allows students and staff alike to have more options when it comes to deciding what’s for dinner, and that is something that everyone can appreciate.

Vice President of Business and Finance Mike Horan anticipates that there will be at least five options, including Jimmy John’s and Zoe’s, by the end of 2017.

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