March 29, 2020

Alumna announces run for Democratic Central Committee

Representation plays an important part in many different aspects: politics, film, literature, and life. It is also a driving force for one alumna’s decision to run for Democratic Central Committee as a representative of Bexley Ward 4. 

Shelby Koches, recent Capital graduate, sees a lack of representation for the university and the nearby neighborhoods in the Democratic Central Committee. 

Koches has been canvassing door-to-door in the neighborhoods north of campus to explain her intentions to run for Democratic Central Committee as a representative of Bexley Ward 4. Ward 4 comprises the university’s campus as well as several streets north of East Main Street into the Bexley neighborhood.

“Most of the people I’ve talked to don’t know what Central Committee is,” Koches said. “And me explaining who I am and what I’m running for, I’m the only face that they’ve seen associated with it.” 

Many people don’t realize they have someone to go to for voicing concerns in their neighborhood. Many don’t know who is representing them. Many of the current members on the committee have been appointed by the current Democratic Party instead of being chosen by the people they represent.

Koches wants to change that.

She wants to bring a more personal touch with honesty and transparency at the forefront by running with Rep Your Block 2020, a group that wants to take the Franklin County Democratic Party and open it up to give representation to everyone. The group doesn’t believe that communities are being properly represented.

“Especially in communities where there is more of a racial disparity, those communities are not being represented accurately,” Koches said.

As previously mentioned, transparency plays a key part in Koches’ campaign. 

She finds that many people are turned off to politics because of the amount of dishonesty and deception surrounding it. National politics is not helping this, and many are nervous to trust politicians on any level because of it.

Koches aims to bring attention to many things such as racial injustices and LGBT+ representation. Unfortunately, racial and LGBT+ discrimination can still be found on campus, and Koches wants to open a conversation about why this is happening and what can be done to better educate and resolve any issues.

Ward 4 also has a unique relationship between two of its groups of residents: university students and local Bexley residents. Koches wants to open the discussion more between the two groups. By going door-to-door, and conversing with Ward 4 residents, she hopes to bring a personal touch to the Democratic Central Committee.

Register to vote and let your voice be heard for the next Central Committee elections March 7. For more information on Shelby Koches run for Ward 4, visit her Facebook and Instagram pages @shelbyforward4.

For more information on Rep Your Block 2020 visit

  • Ben Hardy is a staff reporter for the Chimes, a junior at Capital University, and a Columbus local majoring in Public Relations with a minor in Creative Writing.

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