September 19, 2020

Cheap Valentine’s Day dates, ideas

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, planning dates and saving up money for gifts may be especially difficult for us college students; there is barely enough time in the day to sleep and we are always broke. With that in mind, the Chimes is here to help you plan the perfect and cheap Valentine’s Day.

The Field of Corn (Also known as Cornhenge)

Field of Corn (Photo by Sydney Deibert)

You may have seen this location from a recently viral Tik Tok, but who would not want to go mess around in a field filled with giant corn statues? Located in Dublin, Ohio, the Field of Corn has the best sculptures to take cute and corny Valentine’s Day photos. Admission is also free.


When thinking of ways to save money, thrifting is one of the first things that comes to almost anyone’s mind. In order to keep things interesting, these are the things that you should do to ensure that you will have the most memorable thrifting experience ever. 

Set a budget of $10, then pick out an outfit for the other person that they have to purchase and wear somewhere. This should be a full outfit. You should get a shirt and jeans, or a dress. You can even add in a hat or jewelry to make the outfit extra thrifty. Don’t forget the shoes, though. You don’t want to walk around barefoot. 

After you buy your new fit, go somewhere to show it off. A restaurant? Walmart? The Field of Corn? The possibilities with this one are endless. 

Keep it simple: Just drive around and talk

This one is for all of the simple people out there. For some people, they do not want the big, extravagant Valentine’s Day. For most it is not about what special thing you do, but it is about the special someone you are with. Whether that be a significant other or a friend, just drive around and talk about the things in your life that are going on. 

Make a scrapbook of all your memories together

This is one that may or may not bring on the tears. This is a good gift for anyone, romantic relationship or friendship. A handmade scrapbook shows that you are willing to take the time and effort to put together a book of all your memories with that person. It also shows that you enjoy all the times you two had together and are willing to create more memories together. 

Buy them candy

Candy may seem like a generic, wonderbread Valentine’s Day gift, but it’s so popular for a reason. Who doesn’t like candy? Get your special someone that special treat they have been craving lately. Don’t know what kind of candy to purchase? Luckily for you, the Chimes covered that topic last semester. Go give it a read at to learn more about what candy to get and what candy to avoid.

Make them a mixtape

Gifts that hold the most meaning are the best. Putting together a mixtape of all the music that reminds you of that person is easily one of the best ways to show someone you think about them. You can include songs that they have suggested to you, songs that you have told them to listen to, songs that remind you of them, and songs that you two have listened to while you’re together. For an extra ten points on the cuteness scale, include any Harry Styles song. That will make your special someone fall for you even harder than they had before. 

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