June 13, 2021

Opinion: Is the new Mountain Dew Flavor good enough to stay?

(Featured image courtesy of PepsiCo via prnewswire)

Recently, Mountain Dew released a new flavor called Major Melon, which as the name entails, is watermelon flavored. It was likely created to compete with the release of Monster Energy Ultra Watermelon. 

The release was silent until the Super Bowl when they ran a commercial starring John Cena and a one million dollar giveaway where if you had to count the number of bottles that appear in the commercial and then tweet to enter.

Mountain Dew Major Melon appears to be a permanent addition to the roster and won’t be going anywhere for the foreseeable future. This is in contrast to Dew USA, which is typically only available during the summer and to Pitch Black II, which was only available for a few Halloween seasons.

The commercial was really well done with a bumbin’ soundtrack, tons of visual effects, and a dog made of watermelons. This begs the question, is the soda any good? If you ask me, no. I tried the drink and could not finish it. It had a nice smell but that was really the only part I enjoyed.

Now, I must admit that I am biased, as I do not enjoy watermelon flavored things. I also do not call myself a Mountain Dew enthusiast. So, I went to ask someone who does. Gavin Jackman has tried almost every flavor of Mountain Dew that has been available since he was a kid and is a proud Mountain Dew enthusiast. 

I asked him for his thoughts on the new flavor. Jackman “believes that it’s pretty good. I don’t tend to like watermelon flavors but this is on the better end of watermelon flavored drinks.”

As far as I could tell, the new flavor of  Mountain Dew is as-marketed. It is the same price and is a good alternative for people who like watermelon flavored things over the standard Mountain Dew flavor. In my opinion, the original flavor is better. 

Mountain Dew as a company appears not to have released any recipes or recommended any products to be consumed alongside Mountain Dew Major Melon. This is in contrast to the original flavor where they were sold alongside Doritos or the Electric Lemonade that is made with Mountain Dew Voltage.

I am not very confident that this soda will stick around in the main lineup. Gavin seems to agree with me. “I don’t know whether it will continue but, if not, I believe it could become one of their seasonal sodas.” 

I don’t really know what kind of recipe that you would make with a Watermelon soda but it would be nice to have some pointers from the corporation. Speaking of which, I feel it is worth mentioning that there are several interesting recipes on the Mountain Dew website. They have gems such as MTN DEW PANCAKES, MTN DEW GRILLED CHEESE, and MTN DEW FRUITCAKE.

Overall, I think that Major Melon has its niche; whether or not it will be profitable is something that only time will tell.

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