June 23, 2024

Did ‘That ‘90s Show’ live up to its predecessor?

Netflix is known for its original series, many of which are so loved by fans that they end up having a cult following. Others don’t live up to the hype, to the point where viewers don’t even finish the first season.

Sometimes, sequels and reboots need to stay away from the classics. An example of that is the iconic series “That ‘70s Show” and its less than iconic spinoff, “That ‘90s Show.” 

Other than Red and Kitty, two hilarious staples of “That ‘70s Show,” the main cast of the show was impossible to watch or root for. Every minute of this tortuous experience was a minute I could’ve spent doing something productive, like my homework or taking down the patriarchy one Chad at a time. 

The old cast of “That ‘70s Show” did have some cameos in the first episode, but other than a few sporadic Fez and Donna appearances, that is the only time we see all five members of the original rotation (if you’re catching my drift). 

“That ‘90s Show” follows Leia, the daughter of the iconic couple from “That 70s Show,” Eric and Donna, while she spends her summer in Point Place, Wisconsin. She joins an already established friend group and we watch as she tries to have the most amazing summer. 

Only one of the other kids, Jay, has any relation to the old cast. Jay is the son of Michael and Jackie from the original “That 70s Show.” Gwen and Nate are half-siblings who moved in next to Red and Kitty; Nikki is Nate’s girlfriend and Ozzie is just along for the ride. 

In my opinion, none of them were cool and the writers made it seem like they were trying too hard to create relatable characters. The best part of “That ‘90s Show” is when the old cast made an appearance. 

Although, I have to give credit where it’s due. Red and Kitty were just as amazing as they were 25 years ago when “That ‘70s Show” first aired. Kitty being a bubbly ray of sunshine and Red hating everyone is just what I needed to get through all 10 episodes. 

Kitty and Red objectively being the best part of the show couldn’t change the fact that the acting of the other characters was awful. It was genuinely painful to watch some of the scenes. And don’t even get me started on the final episode. 

Garbage. Trash. Dumpster fire. 

Every decision Leia made consisted of a major freakout, a screw up and Gwen being at her every beck and call when everything inevitably went wrong. Having a female main character who is a pushover, overthinks everything and has never had an original thought is the only thing ‘90s about the entire show. 

I loved “That ‘70s Show,” and because of that love, I actually thought the spin off wouldn’t be that bad. This is the only time I will ever put this in writing: I was wrong. 

“That ‘90s Show” has been renewed for another season, and I don’t think anyone is looking forward to that. 


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