June 23, 2024

How to obtain that ‘W’ rizz

“Nowadays, people do not have “moves,” “game” or even “good flirting skills.” Now, people have “rizz.”

“Rizz” is the latest popular slang word that has taken over the internet. While popular on TikTok, the term originated in 2021 with YouTuber Kai Cenat and comes from the word charisma.

Rizz, as per Wiktionary, is “One’s ability to seduce a potential love interest.” There are various forms of rizz, such as “L,” “W” and unspoken rizz. “L” rizz is the inability to seduce someone, “W” rizz is the successful ability to seduce someone and unspoken rizz is the smoothest form of seduction. 

With Valentine’s Day coming up, understanding how to have “W” rizz or unspoken rizz is incredibly important. When it comes to the night, follow these steps to make sure someone accompanies you out on a nice, romantic date.

  1. If you haven’t already, shower and put on some deodorant. 

That last thing you want is to smell bad when you’re trying to talk to someone, let alone someone you’re romantically interested in. Being hygienic is not only good romantic advice, but solid life advice, as well.

  1. Be confident in yourself. 

If you’re shy, that is all right. There is no need to be flamboyant and excessive, just be sure of yourself and what you are trying to do. This means approaching with intention and a plan, do not just wing it and hope.

  1. Try and create common ground. 

There are two universal languages: music and laughter. Music is difficult but getting even the smallest chuckle can be easy and it will immediately break the ice and put you both on the same page. It only takes a small comment to crack a smile and put someone at ease, so a good opener is crucial.

  1. Do not beat around the bush.

Once you’ve broken the ice, get to the point and ask them out. The more you let the conversation get away from you, the more difficult it will be to steer it back in the right direction.

  1. Be able to improvise. 

Sometimes, not everything works out, and that is OK. If at first they appear to not understand or reject your advances, it is important to know when to back off or try a different approach. 

Rizz is about being as smooth as possible in the manner in which you talk to a potential love interest. While this may not come easy, it is something that can be worked on and practiced with a friend. At the end of the day, trying is the second most important thing.

The most important thing about rizz is respect. Do not, under any circumstances, make someone uncomfortable or feel unsafe. Everyone deserves to be respected and treated with dignity, and there is no reason to be rude or intimidating. 

“W” rizz is easy to obtain with the right mindset and attitude. Once you get out of the shower, go up to that soon-to-be special someone and use that rizz!

Disclaimer: This article is written in regards to a largely satirical and subjective concept. The Chimes is not responsible for any emotional or mental damage that may occur while attempting to use rizz.


  • Adrian Suppes

    Adrian is the current Editor-in-Chief and a third-year student working on a Bachelor of Arts in Music major and Journalism minor. In his free time, Adrian enjoys mountain biking and disc golfing.

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