June 23, 2024

February crossword answers


1. Acronym for the various timelines all ‘Spider-Man’, ‘Thor’ and ‘Captain America’ movies, among many others, take place

4. Comedian David, of ‘Joe Dirt’

7. Spheres or globes 

10. Spanish romantic painter Francisco of ‘Saturn devouring his Son’

14. Nirvana’s final album featuring ‘Heart-Shaped Box’

16. Egg-shaped 

17. Comedian Shepard, married to Kristen Bell 

18. Sickly 

19. Without hair

20. Selling door-to-door 

22. Baked crust filled with fruits or meat

23. “Off with her head!” Wonderland character 

26. ‘Nightmare on __ Street’ 

27. Christian holiday that takes place on the first Sunday following the first full moon after the Spring Equinox 

30. Southeast Asian country north of Thailand

31. The first of each suit 

32. Songwriter Manuel Miranda

34. Slang term for a photo 

36. American rock band of ‘Call Me’ and ‘Heart of Glass’

39. Himalayan mountain monster, or a brand of thermal cup

40. Biblical son of Isaac and twin brother of Jacob

41. Groups or organizations dedicated to a certain hobby

42. Acronym for a legal contract of confidentiality 


2. Piece of metal money

3. Storage unit for ashes 

5. For each 

6. In Freud’s structural model of the psyche, the mediator between natural instinct and learned behavior 

8. The Capital of Hungary 

9. Soviet leader during WWII

11. Roman poet of ‘Metamorphoses’ 

12. Southern contraction 

13. Narrow, often dark, passageways between buildings 

15. Latin saying meaning “out of God”

21. “___ are a girl’s best friend”  

23. Feeling nauseous 

24. Hi! 

25. Jerry’s ex-girlfriend and best friend in ‘Seinfeld’

28. Inflamed pores, especially prevalent in teens 

29. A place to sit 

33. A long-standing disagreement 

35. Slang term for a photo

37. A chemistry classroom, or a dog

38. Gandalf Actor McKellen


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