July 27, 2021

Campus style: what we’re wearing

mason Mason Sloma, Junior

What are you wearing today?

Black. I don’t remember where I got these.

Do you have any style influences?

The working class. The sales rack.

How do you choose the pieces you buy?

Whatever is cheap and looks good.

Is that always black clothing?

No. The black is a new thing. I don’t always dress in black, but I do dress in whatever is comfortable.

Where is the lifeguard hat from?

Ah, this? I worked at Lakeside as a lifeguard over the summer.


alexa Alexa Roberts, Senior

Do you have any pieces you’re wearing you’d like to talk about?

I’m really excited about these boots. I got them on some random online website. I also like this chunky knit sweater – it was a gift.

Do you have any particular style inspirations?

I’d probably have to say the character Monica Geller off of the television show Friends. It sounds cheesy, but, I’m inspired by the 90s.

Do you typically wear comfortable clothing?

I just wear what I want. I don’t care.




al Al Fulk, Senior

What pieces are you excited about sharing?

My Alex + Ani bracelets. I have them because each one is personal to me, and each one has a meaning.

What about the ‘Good Vibes’ t-shirt?

Good vibes. I’m positive about everything – it’s spring! And you can never go wrong with flannel.

Where do you draw style inspiration?

Pinterest. I just go to fall fashion, or whatever season it is, and browse.

What about your thermos as an accessory?

I cannot go a day without my coffee.


alexa roberts Kristin Crock, Sophomore

What are you wearing that you’d like to mention?

Birkenstocks – per usual. They’re nice to walk in and they’re great for this type of weather.

Where do you draw your inspiration?

I wear things that are comfortable and work-worthy.

Any particular style era?

I tend to wear more vintage things.

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