April 8, 2020

Capital continues search for new Dean of Management

When Capital University comes to mind, people usually think of a few different strong programs, one of them being business.

The most prominent position within the business school is the dean of management. This person is the academic leader of the school of management, overseeing all of the majors, minors and the MBA program.

This position, currently held by interim Dean Elene Kent, has been opened to new candidates.

According to Terry Lahm, interim provost, the committee is looking for someone with leadership skills and the ability to reach outside of the business school to interact with other disciplines and to reach out into the community.

Although management and business seem to be in their own field, jobs within the field contribute to many different disciplines. The dean of management reflects this in their job by interacting with different institutions outside of the university and with the business community.

“This will mean different internships for business students and different ways to get involved with the business community, including for-profit and non-profit business,” said Lahm.

The new dean will also participate in advancement for the university, which involves a lot of fundraising measures used by the school.

The search for a new candidate has been going on since mid-fall. Two external searches have taken place since then and ultimately ended up being unsuccessful. Since then, faculty decided to focus on an internal search instead and has found two possible candidates for the position.

An open forum with the two possible candidates was held on campus and was open to those within the business community.

The announcement of the candidates will be made soon, most likely before April. Amid the announcements of other positions being filled on campus as well as the upcoming inauguration and other events taking place in April, it is hard to find exactly the right time to break the news. Until then, confidentiality must be maintained for the candidates.

“We’re really excited to get a full time dean position for the school of management,” said Lahm. Students can look forward to new internship opportunities in the business realm and an enrichment in their classwork as the new candidate, whoever they may be, takes office.

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