April 5, 2020
Illustration by Matt McCroskey. Backpack Model by filipeb2011 on Sketchfab. CC 4.0 License

March for our Lives: Students take charge to change gun policies

Due to the recent tragedies that have occurred in schools across the country, students are working hard to promote a change in gun laws.

There has been talk about arming teachers, getting rid of guns entirely and giving everyone a gun, but what actual plans have been enacted? The only action being taken is on the state level, meaning that there isn’t a general consensus across the country that something needs to change.

Since the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012, there have been small steps taken to change gun policies. Most of the legislation has been based on having general background checks and then moving into having even stricter, in-depth background checks.

Currently only 19 states require background checks before being able to purchase a firearm. It should be noted that the other states that don’t require the background checks only require it through private sellers: for example, the dealers at gun shows. There is a federal law in place that requires licensed dealers to perform checks.

Before anything even gets started in Congress, the political parties start battling with each other over their own political agendas. To many, they don’t seem worried about the children that are too afraid to go to school or the children that are being murdered; it’s all about them and their re-elections. The government leaders are blaming the tragedies on every single excuse that they can come up with.

Illustration by Matt McCroskey. Backpack Model by filipeb2011 on Sketchfab. CC 4.0 License

Blasting mental illness, violent video games, loose gun laws and bullying isn’t going to solve any problems, and students recognize this.

March For Our Lives is a movement that started after the Parkland shooting. Students from Parkland are the ones who created the movement, and it is now being led by students all across the U.S. The goal is to show lawmakers that kids are worried about what is going on, they are being affected and their voices should be heard.

The march itself will take place on March 24. The main event will be based in Washington D.C., but there are over 686 events that are occurring worldwide. People everywhere are helping to make a change in America. This isn’t just a problem for the government or the school districts of the incidents — it is now everyone on this planet’s problem.

The campaign’s website has an interactive map that shows the various marches, when they are happening and how to RSVP. There are marches happening in India, Israel, Lithuania, Iceland, Chile, Australia, and so many more. Our own city of Columbus is also having one. It will be at 11:00 a.m. on March 24 at the Capitol Square.

Participating in the march isn’t the only way you can help out. You can also donate to the cause by going to marchforourlives.com and buying merchandise, signing the petition or making a monetary donation.

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