April 8, 2020

Students share what they did over spring break

Spring break has come and gone, taking with it the last break we get until Easter. There are only 48 days of school left, including final exam week, but one can still dream about the freedom that awaits us. In the meantime, here’s what some fellow Capital students did during their spring breaks, as a reminder of the nice things in life as we come back to school.

Ashton Lyons, first-year

“I went to Baltimore, Ohio, where I live, and wrote a paper for my religion class. I also got ready for the various music things I have coming up. I practiced the Mozart bassoon concerto for two competitions I have coming up, and I worked on all of the band music for the band’s upcoming gala concert in April. I also got to sleep like nine hours every night, which was nice. I really didn’t do much else … oh! My mom made homemade applesauce, it was really, really good. I ate most of it. That’s it.”

Taylor Ervin, junior

“Over break my roommate Katie and I drove for about 15 hours down to Anna Maria, Florida and spent a week there! We stayed at [Katie’s] aunt’s house, which was only a couple minutes walk from the beach.We spent most of the week relaxing on the beach, and we were in an area that wasn’t big with tourists (although it was beautiful), so it wasn’t packed with people, which was nice. I got to catch up on some books I haven’t had time to read, specifically Be More Chill by Ned Vizzini and I Am Number Four by Pittacus Lore. I also got a lot of sun, and my sunburns are finally healing now that we’re back. It was really nice!”

Eric Satre, sophomore

“It was nice to go home and see my Hilliard friends because they don’t exist here, because I have no time to see them … I went bowling at Columbus Square Bowling Palace. $2 bowling on Tuesdays, it’s sick, I highly recommend. I got to see Paddington 2, best movie ever, also highly recommend. I had to work at the Bexley Coffee Shop almost every day, so I was here on campus every day, and it was kind of like I never even left. That’s all I’ve got, I didn’t really do anything else. Overall it was a fun break!”

Kaitlin Reed, first-year

“I did an escape room at Lockology Columbus. It was a ‘crime scene investigator’ theme, and we solved the murder but we didn’t escape the room on time; we were one step away. I went with my boyfriend and we were the only ones who signed up for it, so it was just the two of us, which was nice. I did some homework, though not nearly as much as I planned, but it’s fine. I got a fair amount of sleep which was nice, and I got to watch some Gilmore Girls. My boyfriend and I also did this scavenger hunt thing around Columbus, one of the phone app ones where you have to answer trivia and take pictures. I got to see my family and my dog, so it was a good time.”

Autumn Campbell, junior

“I hung out with my family a lot. I had dinner with my brother, dad and my grandparents three times, and it was really nice to just spend time with them. My cousin is like my best friend so I stayed the night at her house twice, and I got to play with her son’s new labradoodle puppy, Odysseus! Then my friend Alex came over and we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant and hung out at my house. I did a lot of homework, mostly Native American Literature and Shakespeare, and my taxes. I also got my car fixed and planned events for the various students [organizations] I’m involved in. Oh, and I finished [Law and Order] SVU on Netflix!”

Annie Stemen, first year

“I’m involved in this organization on campus called Cru, and over break I went with 26 other people to Destin, Florida, though we were technically in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Basically we just went and stayed there for a week in a house, we all shared the same house, it was awesome. We got to share our faith on the beach, and got training for starting spiritual conversations with strangers, which is nerve-wracking but so good, I loved it. We had really great talks about Jesus with the staff members that went with us, and we had great community time too. We also did family dinners and these things called life maps, basically general points that got us to Jesus and where we are now. It was really cool because I got to know everybody I didn’t already know on the trip, and it was a really great time to spend with Jesus, I loved it.”


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