February 5, 2023

Midterm break 2022: “staycation” ideas

The 2022 midterm break at Capital is upon us; if you have not made any travel plans, there are still many ways you can spice up your week. If you are staying local for spring break, consider these close-to-home options to make your time off memorable. 

If you are looking to take a road trip, Hocking Hills is only about an hour’s drive from Columbus. At Hocking Hills, you can go camping, rent out a cabin, or just take a day trip. The state park features waterfalls, hiking trails, rock formations and caves. It is an ideal place to enjoy nature or rent out a cabin with friends. 

Take a road trip to Hocking Hills. Photo taken by Ava Boldizar.

Another similar road trip option is Mohican, which is a little over an hour’s drive from Columbus. Mohican is another option for those wanting to explore the outdoors, go hiking and/or rent a cabin. 

If you are wanting to stick closer to home, consider visiting Franklin Park Conservatory right here in Columbus. There is lots to see, with the conservatory featuring exotic plants, art exhibits and a butterfly garden. 

Visit the Franklin Park Conservatory. Photo taken by Ava Boldizar.

Otherworld is another must-see attraction in Columbus. Otherworld is an immersive art installation, with “over 40 scenes filled with large-scale art and mixed reality playgrounds,” according to their website. Visitors are free to explore and interact with the art, making Otherworld a one-of-a-kind experience. 

Penn & Beech Candle Co., previously known as The Candle Lab, allows visitors to make their own candle. You browse through the available scents, pick your favorites, then an employee will help you create a scent blend and ultimately your candle. This experience is a fun way to spend an afternoon and you get to go home with a new candle. 

If you are feeling creative, painting pottery is the perfect way to relax and kill some time. There are many pottery painting places around Columbus and surrounding areas, including Bareclay, Clay Cafe and uPaint Pottery Studio. 

Sample food from around the world at The North Market. The North Market features many different food offerings with a wide variety of options. It is the perfect place to walk around, shop and grab a bite to eat. 

If you like puzzles, solving mysteries, or anything of that sort, escape rooms are an ideal way to spend an hour or two. Escape rooms involve a team of players who discover clues and complete tasks in a specific amount of time in order to “escape” the room. There are many options in the area, including Breakout Games, The Escape Room USA and Lockology Escape Room. 

Going to the movies is always an easy option when bored at home. The Drexel is right across the street from Capital, and many other theaters are located around the Columbus area. 

This is just a small list of the many different opportunities for fun and relaxation in the area. Although traveling may not be in everybody’s spring break plans, there is something fun for everyone right here in Columbus.

  • Ava is a senior Criminology major with a Journalism minor and she loves to do investigative reporting.

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