June 20, 2024

Where to find the best Mexican food in Columbus

Columbus is home to a surplus of Mexican restaurants, from widely popular chains to small family-owned businesses. Whether you are in the mood to try something new or you want to contribute more to the local Columbus community, consider these standout Columbus-based Mexican restaurants when deciding what to have for tonight’s dinner.

Cuco’s Taqueria

2162 W. Henderson Rd., Columbus

From the outside, Cuco’s Taqueria looks like an average restaurant, but inside, the vibrant colors and fun decorations create the perfect atmosphere for a Mexican-eatery.

Cuco’s Taqueria is a vibrant, inviting restaurant located in northwest Columbus. Since their initial beginning in 2003, the restaurant has grown to serve fresh Mexican breakfast, lunch and dinner, making it a popular place for Mexican fans around Columbus.

This restaurant is a great place for university students to check out because of its fairly-priced yet delectable menu. Cuco’s also provides each table free chips and salsa while they are deciding what they would like to order. 

The staff is sure to provide great service, returning to the table frequently to fill up drinks or ensure their customers are satisfied. Other passing employees keep warm smiles, creating a comfortable and welcoming environment. 

The portions of food are plentiful, encouraging customers to leave full and happy. The staff’s urgency allows customers to stop in for a quick bite, but the exceptional service encourages customers to stick around.

For people who would like to enjoy Cuco’s from the comfort of their homes, the restaurant offers a to-go option, as well as catering for larger parties.

The overall electric vibe of the restaurant, combined with the energetic staff, vibrant interior and mouth-watering food, makes this a great place to get tacos with friends.

Los Agavez Taqueria

3166 N. High St., Columbus

The Los Agavez food truck is a bright orange color, making it hard to miss.

Los Agavez Taqueria is a food truck known for their authentic Mexican cuisine. The bright orange truck is sure to catch the attention of passing pedestrians, enticing them to give their Mexican food a try. The food truck is owned by Elvia and David Reyes, who brought birria tacos to Clintonville from a small village near Toluca, Mexico.

The small food truck packs a big punch, providing customers with food drowning in flavor, earning Los Agavez the 63rd spot on Yelp’s “Top 100 Taco Spots in America” list in 2022. The menu is full of well-known Mexican dishes, as well as Jarritos soda, that bring the taste of Mexico to Columbus.

The friendly staff treat each customer like a regular, making it a comfortable environment to order in. After ordering, customers can dine in the seating area of nearby picnic tables or take their food to go. Either way, the short wait time leaves customers able to dig into their hot, delicious food in no time.

3 Brothers Diner

3090 Southwest Blvd., Grove City

Despite 3 Brothers Diner’s large variety of menu items, it is impossible to go wrong with a classic chicken burrito. This burrito is full of chicken, onions, refried beans, rice and cheese, and is accompanied by tortilla chips and the restaurant’s homemade salsa.

3 Brothers Diner is a family-owned restaurant located in Grove City and is described as a “Mexican-American-Cuban fusion.” The restaurant is run by three brothers from Oaxaca, Mexico who came together to bring authentic Mexican food to the Grove City area in 2017. 

The private dining room is available to rent out for events like birthday parties, graduation parties and anniversaries. 3 Brothers also offers catering and carry-out options for people who would like to experience the food at an event or in their homes.

The staff provides a warm welcome, greeting each customer with a smile. Their friendliness allows for connections between the guest and the staff, creating an incentive for customers to return. Additionally, the colorful and lively decorations are appealing and foster an environment necessary for a successful Mexican restaurant.

While 3 Brothers is primarily focused on Mexican food, there is something for everyone on their menu. The wide array of options include breakfast foods like omelets and French toast, standard Mexican dishes like burritos and nachos and different types of hamburgers and sandwiches. 

The experience, culminated by the amazing staff, food and environment, makes this a Mexican spot that should definitely be visited.

Diamonds Ice Cream

5461 Bethel Sawmill Center, Columbus

The busy interior of Diamonds Ice Cream makes for a fun visiting experience. Customers are able to sit in the bright-colored dining area or shop around in the store section while consuming their delicious dessert.

Just down the street from Cuco’s Taqueria is Diamonds Ice Cream, a family-owned Mexican dessert shop. Their menu consists of treats like ice cream, sorbet, fruit drinks, tres leches cake and their famous paletas (popsicles).

The Diamonds staff makes everything in-house. The shop uses natural fruits and the high-quality ingredients to ensure customers are receiving the best dessert possible.

The wide assortment of menu items allows all customers to find something they like. There is a large range of ice cream flavors, fruit drink options and paletas flavors.

Additionally, the interior of the shop features a vibrant, pink and purple seating area, as well as an area to shop for small gifts like keychains, accessories and candy. 

The employees are friendly, greeting each customer at the door. At the end of each transaction, the staff wishes customers a great day upon their exit. They exhibit a willingness to help customers decide what to order and are patient with first-time visitors. 

After eating a delicious meal at one of the Mexican restaurants on this list, check out Diamonds Ice Cream for a scrumptious dessert.


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