May 9, 2021

Convergent Media Center Progress Continues

Photo by Uele Boxill

As the spring semester comes to a close, progress on the Convergent Media Center (CMC) continues to move forward, and construction is on pace for the CMC to be available for classes by the spring semester of 2017.
“The timeline for the completion of the Convergent Media Center remains the same, on schedule,” Terry Lahm, associate provost said.
The CMC will be the new home for many educational departments and extra-curricular clubs.
Academic programs that will be located in the CMC include music technology, communication, professional writing, creative writing, journalism, marketing, studio art, and art therapy. Extra-curricular programs moving in to the building will include CapTV, WXCU radio, and the Chimes.
While construction continues for the CMC, the next big step is set to come this summer.
“We expect to have completed the certificate of occupancy for the Convergent Media Center by the beginning of July,” Lahm said. “The certificate of occupancy is essentially when the construction manager turns the building over to us and we can begin installing furniture and technology.”
Requests for proposals have been sent out to faculty seeking office space in the new building. Faculty members will have until Friday to submit their proposals.
“Overall, we are looking at the end of fall semester and Christmas break as the probable time for faculty to begin moving into the building’s office spaces,” Lahm said.
The mild winter has helped the construction process move stay on schedule.
“The progress has been on-schedule and on-budget so far,” Lahm said. “That is great because those are two things we are very interested in.”
There have been minimal obstacles and delays throughout the construction process.
“There are always challenges in constructing any new building,” Lahm said. “But there are no particular obstacles that we haven’t already figured out or overcome at this point.”
The administration at Capital is particularly excited for students to begin getting involved in the Convergent Media Center.
“We are really excited about the new building, especially as the student spaces become finished and classes are held,” Lahm said. “[The CMC] will illustrate the value that [Capital] places on student spaces for learning.”

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