September 29, 2022

Music technology equipment damages amount to roughly $4000

mike Within the last two weeks, the music technology department has faced two instances of equipment damage: a broken Akg C414 microphone found in studio E and one blown out  8050B Genelec monitor speaker in studio A.

In order to replace the monitor speakers, the department will have to pay a retail price of around $2,195. The microphone replacement cost will be between $1,100 and $1,400. The music technology department has decided to wait until next year to replace the 8050b Genelec monitor speaker.

“We need a checkout checklist system … because, just like I let you in here, I could let anyone in. Anyone could do that, so that’s kind of a problem,” said Greg Snier, junior.

The music technology department does not have a structured check in and out system. If students want to use the equipment, they have to book a session. Once the session is approved, they will have permission to use the studio for that time. In order to get inside the studio, students would swipe their IDs or type in a code.

In addition to the equipment being broken, the studios have also been left in disarray. Drum sets have been moved around, cable cords have been wrapped incorrectly, and items have been left in the control room.

When asked what advice he would give students using the music technology department’s equipment, Nick Magoteaux, junior, said, “Treat every piece like you bought it with your hard earned money, and use some common sense.”

Students are encouraged to inform the assistant professor of music, Chad A. Loughrige, whenever the equipment is damaged.

“I inform all the students that they need to take care of the spaces and that if accidents happen, they should come to me immediately,” Loughrige said.

“Obviously no one is going to be happy when a $900 microphone is broken, but if you fess up, it’s a little better,” said Snier.


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