September 25, 2020

Where to spend your leftover Cap Bucks

With students leaving in the wake of the fast-changing COVID-19 pandemic, there are many questions that students want to be answered. One of those questions is “What do I do with my Cap Bucks?” 

As of right now, Cap Bucks do not carry over into the next semester. That means if they aren’t spent before the end of this spring semester, then the remaining balance left cannot be used next semester. 

The dining locations on campus are closed, but there are a few local restaurants that have remained open and will continue to accept Cap Bucks. Those restaurants are Jimmy John’s, Jersey Mikes, and Moshi Sushi.

For the time being, they are allowing all orders except dine-ins. That means customers have the option to order online or over the phone and pick-up their order, or they can come in, make their order, and take their food to go. 

Due to the coronavirus, Newfangled Kitchen will not be accepting Cap Bucks because they are currently closed and they will re-evaluate opening at a later date.

Customers will not have the option to leave the remainder of their Cap Bucks as a tip or a donation for a local restaurant. This is controversial because as many know, restaurants are experiencing very low foot-traffic which is affecting their sales. The hundreds of student dollars that are currently left over in Cap Bucks could be used to generate some sort of revenue for a local favorite.

Wendy Phillips, public relations major who works for Newfangled talked about how it can affect the restaurants.

“The money would’ve gone to making sure the store could stay open. It would most likely be directed toward the purchase of produce and raw materials so we could make the sandwiches. It’s also possible it could go toward rent to make sure Newfangled still has a place to be once this is all over,” Phillips said.

Newfangled came to Main Street in early 2019 and are one of the many businesses temporarily closing down during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Using Cap Bucks in the form of a donation is a direct breach of contract between local restaurants and the university.

It’s important to know that Cap Bucks can still be spent, and that money does not have to go to waste. The local restaurants listed have been working hard to give customers quality meals and service during these hard times. 

One may consider spending their Cap Bucks before they leave campus, because as of now, if that money is not spent, students can’t get it back.

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