December 5, 2021

Capital’s Esports Club is Thriving

Around the world, esports are growing and growing fast. They are very quickly becoming bigger and bigger especially in the United States and in its colleges, including here at Capital. After being founded two years ago this fall, the Capital Esports Club is a thriving organization on campus.

Some might say that the United States lags behind in its esports scene when compared to the likes of Korea, but the American esports scene is nothing to laugh at. Major leagues are already competing domestically and internationally and producing some great talent, too. 

Leagues like the LCS, League of Legends Championship Series, the Overwatch League; the Call of Duty League; and RLCS, Rocket League Championship Series, all highlight the high level of esports already present in America. 

While the ongoing pandemic has proved to be a challenge for countless sports and organizations not only on campus but around the world, esports and the Esports Club have been built to thrive. 

As sports went on pause, the esports leagues simply went online, and the same can be said for the Esports Club at the university. The discord server that they utilize allowed them to easily gather, socialize, and game completely remotely. 

As things have slowly been going back to normal, in-person meetings are once again happening for the club. Meeting Fridays at 6 p.m. in CMC 141, the group invites anyone to come and hang out and play some video games. 

As the club is going strong now, the future of the Esports Club is a bright one, as well. Next fall seems to mark the first time where the club will field a team in competition, getting a group together to play the popular first-person shooter game, Overwatch.

For now, though, there is a large focus on simply getting together and having some fun. As socially distanced meetings are coming back to campus, the Esports Club has gotten back to having some in-person fun. Playing party games like those from the Jackbox series, and the viral sensation Among Us. 

That, though, is just the start. Other potential competitive games for the club include the beloved fighting game Super Smash Bros and the ever-popular Rocket League. 

But, that is not the end game for the Esports Club according to founder Joshua Konyn. Konyn wants the club to reach the level of other college-level esports programs across the country. This means reaching at least the intramural level, allowing the club to get a budget for competitions. 

Doing this would put Capital on par with several other Ohio colleges that already have esports programs of their own. Joining schools like Ohio State, Ohio University, Bowling Green, and Kent State, just to name a few. Continuing to build the Esports Club is certainly a way for the university to level-up to the likes of these other Ohio schools. 

Though this is the goal, it does not seem to be an immediate one. But as the interest in the club grows and grows, reaching that goal becomes much more of a reality.

Pre-pandemic featured photo via Pixabay

  • Anthony DiCerbo is a junior at Capital majoring in professional writing/ journalism. Anthony is an avid sports fan and enjoys watching and writing about football, hockey, and various esports.

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