September 27, 2021

Public Safety offers Update on CapAlerts of armed man in Bexley

On April 1, multiple CapAlerts were sent out informing university students of an armed man in the Bexley area close to campus. Upon investigation, it was discovered that these CapAlerts were not accurate. 

“It wasn’t as close as we thought [the location of the incident]. We thought it was closer… we realized there wasn’t the vital information that should have been in [the CapAlerts],” said Officer Scott Kunkle, Chief of Capital Police. 

Kunkle explained that Cap PD had several new dispatchers that were in the process of training, so all information was not gathered prior to sending the CapAlerts. 

The incident occured on Livingston and Grand, where a male and a female suspect were caught driving a stolen car. The female suspect fled the scene, but was later caught and arrested. Kunkle explains that Bexley PD assumed the male suspect was armed, as he was reaching into his waistband. The information that was then sent to Capital informed Cap PD that the suspect was armed, but upon further investigation, no weapon was found.

“The situation is under control. We could have put a little bit more detailed information in there; I think we are going to work on that,” said Kunkle. 

With COVID-19 restrictions loosening, mass shootings across the country have begun to become as common as they were in 2019

“Always use precaution no matter what you know, stay indoors until you see it’s ‘all clear’ in Capital’s words. Make sure you get with it and sign up for your CapAlerts and make sure they are updated,” said Kunkle when asked how students can stay safe, even if the information given is not clear.

To contact Capital’s Police Department, call 614-236-6666. 

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