May 19, 2024
A black can of Mtn Dew with red and black lettering saying "Game Fuel"

Reviewing Mountain Dew Game Fuel: Championship Citrus Cherry

For the first time in Mountain Dew history, a new flavor has been made in collaboration with a video game streamer. 

On April 5, 2022 Mountain Dew Game Fuel Championship Citrus Cherry was released for a limited time to the Mountain Dew Game Fuel website. 

The new flavor is a collaboration with video game streamer and YouTuber Dr DisRespect. The can features photos of him, as well as his channel logo. Dr DisRespect currently has more than 3 million subscribers on YouTube. 

Before this flavor’s release, it was teased with Dr DisRespect casually drinking the flavor on stream.  The can has a black and red design with an image of Dr DisRespect being the focus. As with all Game Fuel cans, it features a resealable lid.

A problem with a lot of canned carbonated beverages is that there is no lid to protect your drink if you want to save an opened drink for later. The resealable lid provides a plastic covering to the soda that you can slide forward to cover the can if you want to save it for later.

With a resealable lid being such a genius and convenient feature, it begs the question as to why Mountain Dew hasn’t been putting resealable tabs on all their tall cans.

Mountain Dew Game Fuel Championchip Citrus Cherry is orange in color and tastes similar to Mountain Dew Livewire (I had some on hand to compare), but with more a cherry focus instead of an orange one.

One of the reasons that this flavor is a big deal is because it opens the door to many more collaborations with different streamers in the future. It seems that Mountain Dew is finally catching up to the whole streamer flavor trend that its competitors like G-Fuel have been doing for a while.

Mountain Dew Game Fuel has to be judged on a different scale from other variations of Mountain Dew, as they are not entirely designed for flavor. Game Fuel also advertises, which attracts a gamer’s focus because the ingredients of Game Fuel are different.

That being said, Mountain Dew Game Fuel Championchip Citrus Cherry is probably one of the best Game Fuel flavors to come out. It makes the main flavor Mountain Dew Game Fuel Charged Cherry Burst taste like absolute dogwater. It’s a shame that this flavor is only for limited release, but it makes sense because long-term brand deals are much more complex than short-term ones.

This new flavor is going to leave fans wondering ‘What flavors are going to come out next?’ and ‘What streamers are Mountain Dew going to make a brand deal with in the future?” Personally, I can hope for the Ninja flavor, but he seems more like a Red Bull kind of guy if the drinks in his mini fridge are anything to go off of. If any more flavors drop, you know I will be here to review them. Until next time, you should “do the dew.”


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