September 21, 2023

Senior Soiree coming at end of school year

A red carpet, paparazzi and awards: Student Government is throwing the graduating class of 2022 a senior soiree to celebrate their time at Capital University, possibly starting a new tradition on campus. 

The senior soiree will be for students graduating in the 2022 calendar year. The event will take place on May 3, 2022, starting at 6 p.m. 

The event will allow seniors to get dressed up, walk the red carpet, and celebrate their time at Capital.

Bree Chambers, Student Government president, and Tyler Stanley, senior representative senator, gave some more insight on the event. 

At the beginning of the evening, seniors will have the opportunity to walk a red carpet in formal attire and have their photo taken. The red carpet event will take place at Mound St. Plaza. 

“There will be paparazzi there as well so you will not be responsible for taking your own photos,” Chambers said. “We hope to have some people providing interviews for campus media so it’s all going to be very exciting, very Oscars-esque.”

A personal headshot of Bree Chambers, Student government president.
Bree Chambers, student government president, came up with the idea for a senior soiree. Photo courtesy of Bree Chambers.

After the red carpet, seniors will head to Mees hall for a ceremony with live music and awards in the form of senior superlatives. 

“We will be sending out very soon a nomination form for senior superlatives, similar to how yearbook superlatives worked in high school. We have 24 different superlatives, two people will be able to win each superlative regardless of gender,” Stanley said. “So we will present those that night, we will have hosts at our awards ceremony reveal the winners and hopefully the winners are in attendance that night to come on stage and receive their superlative trophy.”

According to Stanley, the senior superlative categories will range from comedic, to genuine, to Capital-themed. 

“That’s kind of how this idea came about, we wanted to mix sort of a senior prom with an Oscars-style awards show,” Stanley said.

The event will also include cameos, a trip down memory lane and food. 

“There will be some cameos from some very special people around campus, a slideshow of videos that are kind of highlights from our four years…” Chambers said. “Then everyone’s invited back to Mound St. Plaza to have appetizers and to dance to just kind of vibe for the evening.”

After missing out on many aspects of their college experience due to the pandemic, Student Government wanted to do something special for the graduating seniors.

“What kind of prompted this was wanting to have an event that recognizes the hard work of the graduates of 2022, knowing that two years of their college experience was dominated by the pandemic,” Stanley said. 

A professional headshot of Tyler Stanley, senior representative senator, is shown.
Tyler Stanley is one of the many people working to bring the soiree to life. Photo courtesy of Tyler Stanley.

Although the class of 2022 is getting the first senior soiree, both Stanley and Chambers have stated they hope this becomes a Capital tradition. 

“We hope that this event becomes an annual event so that next year there will be a 2023 senior soiree,” Stanley said.

Chambers explained why she came up with the idea for this event. 

“There’s a lot of little events during grad week that are cool and that are traditional, but we don’t ever really get a chance to kind of have a night of elegance to wrap things up as far as our undergraduate careers and I thought that could be a really nice tradition to start,” Chambers said. 

The 2022 senior soiree will be the perfect place for seniors to reflect on their time at Capital and will possibly be continued for upcoming graduating classes.


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