July 14, 2024

April crossword answer key


1. Thin sheet made from pulped wood 

6. Deeds, or standardized tests with a highest possible score of 36

10. To depend on

14. A Spanish-speaking girl friend

15. Plunder or booty 

16. Great Lake north of Cleveland

17. Wet and mushy

18. Dedicated devotees of a team or celebrity 

20. “Milk’s favorite cookie”, according to branding 

21. French masculine possessive 

22. Actress Witherspoon, or the owner of a peanut butter cup

23. Not twice or thrice, only __

25. An oath, or a curse 

27. A trash can, probably in Britain

29. To speak something out loud

31. Abbreviation of chest muscles 

34. Residue after a fire

35. Informal nickname for the working class

25. Ariel’s prince in “The Little Mermaid”

39. A bud in bloom

41. An institution of higher learning

43. Connecticut Ivy League 

44. To injure or strike

46. Abbreviation of torso muscles 

47. Queens rival to the Yankees

49. “___” “Bless you!”

50. Rug usually placed by a door or shower

51. The beginning of your life

53. Loose Washingtons

55. West African country with a capital of Accra

57. A long, ray-finned fish (sometimes electric! sometimes made into pie!)

59. Smack with a tongue 

62. Beatles track covered by Beyoncé for “Cowboy Carter” 

64. Japanese sticky rice candy

65. -shire pudding

66. An unnamed figure, or a Shakespearean way to say “soon”

67. A book of maps

68. A group of female sheep

69. Commonly canned saltwater fish

70. Chicken shapes marshmallows


1. El __, West Texas city 

2. A Spanish-speaking girlfriend

3. To assign to a rigid category or class, or literally a place for city birds

4. To push someone to do something foolish (don’t be a chicken!)

5. A bit of sunlight

6. As well, too

7. A group offering advice 

8. The pinnacle, the highest point

9. A metric unit of volume used to measure firewood represented by “st”

10. Judged the fairness of a game or match

11. Times or epochs

12. Something parallel or perpendicular

13. Sí! Oui! Ja! etc. 

19. Post-sow necessity 

21. Trains or subways 

24. Minor tarot arcana usually drawn as a chalice

26. A door decoration for Christmas 

27. The result of 51 across

28. Abrahamic religion centered around the Quran

30. A male domestic cat, or a womanizer 

32. Orange ice-pop 

33. Protagonist of “The Lion King”

36. A group of fish

38. An unwanted bodily growth 

40. Pauses in progress 

42. An immeasurable amount of time

45. The mythic Greek river to the underworld 

48. Place for hand washing 

52. Capital city of Morocco 

54. Mexican street corn

55. To radiate soft light

56. Larger cousin of the rabbit

58. Superhero suit designer Mode of “The Incredibles”

60. A man, probably in Britain 

61. Lip touching out of love

62. Sayonara! Auf Wiedersehen! Adieu! etc. 

63. Shiba __, the Japanese word for “dog”

64. A geographical guide 


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