July 27, 2021

The Flavors of Bexley: A Main Street ice cream trail

The Bexley ice cream trail is talked about all the time during the first week of classes. I traveled to all three locations and took notes to compare each establishment. I also tried to have the same flavors as a way to compare the different stops.  

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Jeni’s is the first stop on the Bexley ice cream trail. To locate Jeni’s, head past the Blackmore Library and cross main street. Once you cross the street turn left and keep walking until you see the orange Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams sign.


The aesthetics inside the shop feels like your quintessential small business. The font of the menu and the ice cream labels reinforce that feeling, very simple and contemporary. The color scheme is black and white which is simple, yet pleasing. 


The variety of flavors that Jeni’s offers are the most unique out of all the stops on the Bexley Ice Cream Trail. I would say the flavors that at Jeni’s offers are very organically oriented.  When you are purchasing the flavors, the staff will tell you all the ingredients as well as the base of the ice cream. Out of all the three stops on the Bexley Ice Cream Trail, they have the most out-there and surprising flavors.  

Bang for Buck  

The price for one scoop is $5. In my opinion, it’s a bit too high for the portion that you get, compared to many of the others. Something that helps with the small portion sizes is the fact that you can’t get ice cream like that anywhere else, which makes the extra that you pay worth it. Another thing that helps the purchases feel a bit more worth it is the fact that you can get half scoops, two flavors for the price of one.  


The next stop on the Bexley Ice Cream Trail is Graeter’s. Graeter’s is located just past the gate on the corner of the intersection of Main Street. Graeter’s is the staple ice cream shop of Ohio. 


The look and feel of the establishment is very old-timey. One of the reasons that I enjoy going to Graeter’s is for that back-in-time feeling. The furniture, booths, tile floors, and counter are all very 1950s.

Variety of Flavors  

Graeter’s variety of flavors is a mix of unique flavors as well as classic flavors. The classic flavors are high-quality, and the ice cream is creamier than Jeni’s or Johnson’s. Their unique flavors are spins on classic flavors but with something extra, like bits of candy.

Bang for Buck 

It’s $4.75 for a single scoop. The portion sizes are pretty good, I feel like you get every penny of value. Unlike Jeni’s, however, half-scoops aren’t an option.


I’ve been going to Johnson’s for most of my life. Whenever I want to go out for ice cream, Johnson’s blue sky ice cream is the first thing I think of. It’s the furthest stop on the Bexley Ice Cream Trail. If you cross Main Street and turn right, keep walking for about ten minutes and you’ll hit Johnson’s.


If Jeni’s felt like a small business and Graeter’s felt like you were going back in time, then Johnson’s felt like a mom and pop ice cream shop with its one-of-a-kind look and feel. For as long as I’ve been going, it’s been the same look inside and out, which gives the interior as well as the exterior a feeling of familiarity.  


At Johnson’s, the flavors are similar to Graeter’s: they have classic flavors in addition to spins on those classic flavors. The way they differentiate themselves from Graeter’s is, in my opinion, that they have more memorable flavors. They do this by maybe adding some food coloring to it or a piece of candy, then give it a kind of corny, but lovable name.

Bang for Buck 

It’s $3.50 per scoop. You have the option of getting half scoops, which for me seems like the best thing to do (I think you get more that way). For $3.50, it’s affordable and it’s worth every penny.

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  • Noah Wheeler is a student reporter and a sophomore at Capital University.

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