November 26, 2022

Breaking: The Comets are named Capital’s new mascot

Capital has officially announced the new mascot name, the Capital Comets.

This past week, President Dave Kaufman has been holding Pop Up Celebrations, where he would host different events on campus involving music and games. These events are to help the community become more familiar with Kaufman.

Today, Kaufman announced that there would be a big announcement during the Pop Up event. Free food and free “swag bags” were also promised to students who attended. 

Hosted in the Cap Center, Kaufman announced that the University’s new mascot would be the Capital Comets.

The celebration kicked off with a video that explained the significance of the specific design created, along with two loud confetti cannons. 

The five point star on the logo represents Capital’s location in the Capital city and makes a connection to the state flag of Ohio. The two white stars on the top and bottom of the logo represent Capital’s Bexley and Downtown Law School campuses. The three purple stripes on the right of the logo represent the flag of the state of Ohio and the white stripes reveal the two tails of the comet. 

When asked how they felt about the new mascot, many students had positive things to say. 

“I like the alliteration,” Sophia Bucci, fourth-year Communications and Public Relations major, said.

Ezra Briles, third-year Music Technology major, said, “I think the new logo is very sick. I like all of the elements it has.”

Mackenzie Dobyns, third-year Psychology, Sociology, and Criminology major also agreed that she liked the details of the logo, saying, “It [new mascot] just flows better for us… I think it will be really good for our university.”

Other students did not have the same feelings towards Comets.

“I think that it’s embarrassing that the University took this amount of time to come up with this mascot. And if the change was really that necessary, I think that we could have saved a lot of money, time, and resources changing it to the Capital Spartans or the Capital Knights,” Marley Haines, fourth-year Nursing major, said.

  • Shirleeah is a fourth year Art Therapy major and has been working for the Chimes since fall 2019. In her free time she enjoys reading, going to concerts and creating art.

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