September 30, 2023

COVID-19 policies: what’s the procedure?

Returning to campus this semester brought hope for a lot of students, but COVID-19 must still be taken into consideration. 

With differing rules for vaccinated versus unvaccinated students, the policies and procedures can be confusing. 

The COVID Response Team (CRT) recently clarified some questions regarding quarantine and exposure policies for students. 

Quarantine policies depend on the vaccination status of the student who was exposed to COVID-19. If an unvaccinated student is exposed “they must refrain from in-person class or university activities or contact with others,” said a member of the COVID Response Team.

If a vaccinated student is exposed to COVID-19, they will be listed on the heightened precautions (HP) list instead of going into quarantine. Students on this list are allowed to attend classes and activities and need to make sure to still wear their mask.

Students on the heightened precautions list are unable to eat in the dining hall because they would have to remove their mask. However, students do have the option to order carry-out food or to eat separately. 

“If a student tests positive for COVID, the CRT nurse will do a telephone or Zoom assessment of the student to determine a plan. COVID positive students are placed on isolation-type quarantine. When possible, the CRT encourages students to isolate themselves at their home residence,” said a COVID Response Team member.

If a student is in isolation on campus and has a meal plan, the residence life coordinator or area director will work with Dining Services to arrange meals for the student.

There might be extenuating circumstances that do not allow students to go home to complete their quarantine. 

If the student has to remain on campus Residence Life has reserved rooms for isolation quarantine of COVID positive students.

With the policies changing often, it’s important to stay up to date. The COVID Response Team is available seven days a week and can be contacted via email at

For more information please visit the COVID Vaccination and Testing Policy


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