May 27, 2022

Getting to know the new Student Government administration

Student Government has reassembled to prepare for another school year, and leading their front is President Bree Chambers and Vice President Ethan Roberts.

“I became involved with Student Government because it is of critical importance to me to be a force for positive representation on campus,” Chambers said. “I wanted to see more Black women in positions of leadership for their unique perspective on campus and global issues, so I became one.”

SG President Bree Chambers. Photo submitted by Bree Chambers.

Chambers is a fourth-year Art Therapy major with a minor in African American Studies. From Akron, Ohio, at the age of 14, Chambers visited Capital and became enraptured by the sense of community. She knew that eventually the campus would become her home away from home. 

Roberts is a fourth-year Political Science and Spanish major. Hailing from Lancaster, Ohio, he came to Capital because of its small class sizes, strong community, Lutheran heritage and scholarships. 

SG Vice President Ethan Roberts. Photo submitted by Ethan Roberts.

“I became involved in Student Government because it provides the opportunity to make a change on campus and ensure that the concerns of students are being heard,” Roberts said. 

Both Chambers and Roberts are involved in a variety of campus organizations.

Chambers said, “I’m a very proud ‘penguin’ as a member of Phi Beta Fraternity. I also have involvement in Artists’ Alliance, Black Student Union, Sister Network, Impact and Creative Writing Club.”

Roberts is involved in Embrace Ministries and College Democrats when he’s not helping oversee the Student Government body. 

When they’re not keeping up with classes and their favorite organizations, Chambers and Roberts love to eat at their favorite restaurants around campus. 

Chambers enjoys eating a pita from Brassica, but can also be found eating in the MDR (especially when they’re serving lasagna) and treating herself to some M&M cookies from One Main Café.

Roberts’ top three campus eateries include Newfangled Kitchen, Brassica, and Rusty Bucket.

Student Government reached out to their followers on social media to gather any questions that they may have. Below, you will find two questions from the community, along with the responses from Chambers and Roberts.   

Q&A with Student Government

Q1: What is the best way to get involved in social justice on campus?

Chambers: The best way to get involved in social justice on campus is to STAY INFORMED. Ensure that you’re well educated (whether through books, articles, documentaries, etc.) on the issues, bring your questions to organization leaders who may have experience in the areas you’re passionate about (you can find them on Engage!) and provide support in the way that works for that community. It’s always good allyship to ask what “help” looks like. True activism is doing things WITH people, not FOR them. 

Roberts: There are many ways to get involved in social justice on campus. Many wonderful organizations are working through the ODI to create opportunities for students to learn and actually do something to bring about change. Take the time to connect with them and then show up!

Q2: How do you get involved in Student Government?

Chambers: Getting involved in SG is easier than ever with elections coming up! You can submit an application by September 8 on Engage. Primary elections, if necessary, will be held September 13. General elections will be held September 15-17. And clear your calendar for the swearing-in ceremony on September 19! If you’re looking for a little less direct participation, you are always welcome to join us for our general body meetings on Sundays at 4pm. In addition, you can support us by voting for your representatives on Engage and interacting with us on social media!

Roberts: I was involved in student government and other leadership organizations while in high school. At the start of my sophomore year, I felt it was something I could do here and that I had the ability to adequately represent my classmates.

You can keep up with all of Student Government’s activities by following their official social accounts under the @capitalsg handle. On Instagram, Chambers’ can be found @bree_ryann26. Roberts’ social handle, @eroberts3299, is the same for all platforms. 

  • Robert Cumberlander is the Editor-in-Chief of The Chimes and a senior at Capital University, majoring in Film and Media Production with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Journalism.

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