February 5, 2023

A review of the 3+3 program at Capital

The 3+3 program provided by Capital University is one of the best programs that a student planning to go into law can consider, and here’s why.

The 3+3 program provides the opportunity for students to attend undergraduate school for one year less. It is a dual credit program, meaning that in the first year of law school, the student will be getting credit for both law school classes and the last year of undergraduate school.

A student must complete their first year of law school in order to receive a Bachelor of Arts degree because of the dual credit classes. A student can apply for law school and be in the 3+3 program with any major; no prerequisite classes are required to apply for law school. Also, the only school that one can attend if they are enrolled in the program is Capital University Law School. 

I personally am in my final year at Capital University’s undergraduate school. My major is professional writing and journalism, and I am currently enrolled in the 3+3 program at Capital. My experience with the program has been fantastic.

I arrived at Capital with a handful of credits already, and this greatly helped me out in getting ahead. My first few semesters were a little bit stressful because of having to fit all the requirements of my major into just three years; however, in spite of this, I feel that this extra stress has better prepared me for my first year of law school.

The 3+3 program is an awesome boost for students looking to kickstart getting into law school as early as possible. 

I am currently studying the LSAT test for admission into law school. I won’t lie, this hasn’t been an easy test to study for–it has definitely made me sharpen some of my skills regarding logic and  reading and analyzing content. The purpose of the test is to evaluate how ready you are for law school.

There are a few more requirements that I still have to complete to get into Capital University’s law school, like submitting a personal statement, resume, and two references for an admission application. I also have to register for the Credit Assembly Service and submit a transcript. All of this is done through LSAC (from my understanding), and it is a very straightforward process.

I do feel like the extra credit hours each semester from being in the 3+3 program have better prepared me for the process of law school. I would say that it has helped to prepare me for the LSAT test, too. The LSAT test requires good time management, patience, and evaluation of content. These are all things that I have learned in the 3+3 program. 

I have interviewed Capital University Law School with some general questions over the phone before. I had questions regarding both the 3+3 program and some other law school related questions, and my experience with them was a very positive and productive one. They were timely in getting back to me, extremely professional and kind, and there was a great willingness to help me get my questions answered in the best way possible.

I remember hanging up the phone with them feeling confident about my decision to pursue the 3+3 program. I do think that the 3+3 program provides a gateway into better preparation for law school, andit also allows for students to get into law school a whole year earlier than if the student had not utilized the program.

Overall, I definitely recommend the 3+3 to any student or prospective student who plans to go into law school to achieve their career goals. 

  • Melissa is a junior Professional Writing and Journalism major with the specialization of pre-law. She plans to pursue a degree at Capital's Law School after graduation.

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