June 23, 2024

Meet Archer: Capital’s furriest family member

There are many new additions to the Capital family, including faculty members, students and – fresh from the kennel – Archer, the facility dog! 

Archer is a nearly 2-year-old English Lab who is officially owned by Meredith Fine of the Health and Wellness Center, but is beloved by all of campus.

Archer’s roots are in Michigan, where he was previously training to become a service dog. However, he was unable to pass the test due to his inability to focus his attention on one person; rather, Archer wanted to share his love with everyone. 

Fine recalled how many students missed their dogs or wanted an emotional support animal. Her desire was to help students feel more comfortable and supported, so she began her research.

Fine discovered a program called “Paws with a Cause,” which is a Michigan-based, non-profit dog training facility.

After an interview and being on a waitlist for eight months, Fine was able to finally meet a candidate to become Capital’s furriest friend. 

“Archer came right out and was loving on me and sitting beside me,” while the other potential dog wanted nothing to do with her. “I don’t think you have to pick the dog if the dog picks you,” Fine explained.

Archer relaxes after a long day of being lovable. Photo courtesy of Meredith Fine.

While on campus, Archer’s purpose is simply to bring comfort to students. He can primarily be found in the Health and Wellness Center and the office of Student & Community Engagement.

Archer is for anyone who needs a little extra support from a furry friend. 

Sophia Wilson explains that, “While in the Student Union, Archer’s main job is to be a comforting pup for students to come and love on when they need it! Many students will come down to the SCE to see him or stop to say ‘Hello’ if we are headed to a meeting, event or for a walk.”

Wilson further stated that “College is demanding and it can be stressful to balance commitments and class requirements. On days Archer is in the Student Union, my office and the SCE is always open for students to come by and get a snuggle in before class or in their spare time!”

If students want Archer to be a part of their events, students may invite him by sending an email to the Center for Health and Wellness (CHW) or the Office of Student and Community Engagement (SCE). 

Archer spotted having a unique sense of humor. Photo Courtesy of Meredith Fine.

 While there is no guarantee Archer will be able to attend all events he is requested at, the SCE and the CHW are happy to allow Archer to attend as many as possible in order to connect with students.  

Wilson stated, “I’m really proud to be part of an institution that recognizes the importance of mental wellness and that worked to bring Archer to campus, knowing that he would be a great joy and comfort to so many members of the CapFam.” 


  • Tatiana Sullivan

    Tatiana is a third-year Music Technology major and is returning to the Chimes for her third year. She enjoys being involved on campus as a Resident Assistant and exec. board member for Audio Engineering Society and Outdoor Adventure Club. She is passionate about the arts, loves all things vintage and thoroughly enjoys a good podcast.

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