June 23, 2024

Capital Survivor: second season is “enthusiastic and electric”

The university is known for its unique organizations such as Boomwhacker Club and Dungeons and Dragons Club, one of the most interesting and current being Capital Survivor. 

The group is modeled after the reality TV show Survivor, a competitive, challenge-based show set in isolated areas. Participants must fend for themselves without food, shelter or other basic essential items. 

Galahad Tribe got the lead after searching the sand volleyball court.

Entering its second season on campus, Capital Survivor has established itself as an exciting way to make friends and participate in weekly challenges. Every Sunday, the tribes compete for immunity. The losing tribe participates in tribal council, where one member of the tribe is voted out. 

 For this Camelot-inspired season, contestants signed up in pairs and were split into two tribes, Guinevere and Galahad.

Senior music technology students Garret Pearce and Amanda Rosland started Capital Survivor last school year and are proud of the organization’s growth. Additionally, some former members have returned to host with Pearce and Rosland; they are working together to make this season better than the last.

In a recent challenge, tribes worked together to complete a puzzle. The puzzle pieces were hidden in brown bags across campus. One contestant at a time, each tribe member was sent out to find a piece. When one member got back with a bag, they tagged the next runner to go to the next hiding spot, until all the pieces were found. Only two people could work to assemble the puzzle. 

Team Guinevere was in the lead, as Team Galahad ran into trouble finding the bag buried in the sand volleyball court. Despite their setbacks, Team Galahad emerged from the challenge victorious. 

Following the competition, Senior Galahad tribe member Sam Williams said, “It was hot outside, a lot of running. And we were down two legs at one point, ended up coming back, and luckily our two amazing partners solved the puzzle in like 45 seconds.” Williams describes Capital Survivor as “enthusiastic and electric.”

Team Guinevere celebrates a challenge victory.

The organization has gained a lot of traction  through social media, allowing students to follow along and vote in polls. There are even opportunities for students not involved in this season to win prizes such as Starbucks and Amazon gift cards.

Pearce said, “It was kind of a surreal experience for us to see people back [Capital Survivor] and see people support it.”

Current competitors and hosts encourage interested students to sign up to play next season. It is a great opportunity to meet new people, try something new and do so in a safe and fun environment. 

Students who are interested in playing next season should  tune in to the organization’s Instagram page. Applications will be available before the next season starts. This season’s sole survivor will win over $100 in gift cards to various Main Street restaurants and nearby stores. 

Capital Survivor can be found on Instagram and YouTube at @capitalsurvivor.


  • Charlotte Keller

    Charlotte is a third-year English Literature major with a Spanish minor. She is secretary of the Capital Book Club, an AIM Change Advocate, and Capital’s Student Government Parliamentarian. In her free time, she likes to make Spotify playlists and watch rom-coms.

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