October 25, 2021

Teams talk impact of upcoming rivalry games

Athletics teams have had the Otterbein game circled on their calendar since the beginning of the season, and this weekend three teams get their chance to beat their rival.

Men’s soccer, women’s soccer, and football will all play Saturday, Nov. 2 against the school rival, Otterbein University. The Crusader football team will play at 1:30 p.m. in Bernlohr Stadium. The men’s soccer will play at Otterbein at 2 p.m. in Westerville, Ohio. The women’s soccer team will play at 7 p.m. in Bernlohr Stadium. 

“We’ve had our ups and downs with them,” senior men’s soccer defender, Brandon Woo, said. “But in years past, they’ve always been a tough team to play against.” 

Photo credit to Hanna Pinkelman.

Since Woo’s first season, the Crusader men’s soccer team has a record of 2-2 against Otterbein and is hoping for a win this season. 

Women’s soccer is also looking for a win against the rival. Currently ranked seventh in the Great Lakes region, the Crusaders are hoping to beat the fourth regionally ranked Otterbein, who is ranked 17th nationally. 

“It’s just one of the games where you get the most excited for,” senior women’s soccer forward, Carlee Murry, said. “Otterbein has always been, obviously, the biggest rival against Capital and it’s just a different feeling whenever you’re going up to play them.” 

Photo credit to Tim Janz.

Since Murry has been on the team, their record is 2-2 against Otterbein. Winning both her freshman and sophomore year and losing twice last year, the seniors are excited and want to finish their college careers with a winning record against them. 

The Crusader football team has struggled so far this season, with an 0-7 current season record. Hoping to get their first win, the team would be ecstatic to get a win against the rival. 

“I think that anything can happen whenever you play this game, throw records out the window, throw everything else out the window, and anything can happen in these games,” senior linebacker, Kole Carter, said. 

Photo credit to Jamie Gaffney.

Since Carter has been on the team, having joined as a sophomore, they’ve had a record of 1-1 against Otterbein. The other seniors have had a record of 2-1 against the rival team.  

The rivalry is important to these teams and players and leaves a lasting impact on the schools. Rivalries are always important to the team, coaches, players, and fans of each school and each sport and the passion behind each rivalry adds to the intensity. 

According to Carter, the rivalry games against Otterbein have been some of his greatest football experiences with a different atmosphere and game type. 

The soccer games will be more passionate and intense than previous games, with both Crusader teams being regionally ranked in the top ten and wanting to do well in the OAC Tournament, adding some extra pressure. 

According to Sports Information Director, Ryan Gasser, these rivalry games will have more energy and intensity than other games this season and will be fun to watch. 

The rivalry between Capital and Otterbein has been so important to each school and the campus cultures.  

“I think that year-round, regardless of records, I think that this is the game that matters the most,” Carter said. 

Brandon Woo, senior right back, said that it’s the season goal each year to beat the school rival, Otterbein.

Carlee Murry, senior forward, said that she is excited for the rivalry game and hopes to get a win for women’s soccer’s senior night.

UPDATE 2:00 p.m. Thursday: The university’s volleyball team also faces Otterbein this weekend. The game is set to begin Saturday at 1 p.m. at Otterbein.

  • Mason White is a reporter for the Chimes and is a first-year emerging media major at Capital.

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