April 4, 2020

Hundreds of copies of ‘the Chimes’ found in campus trash bins

Sometime between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning, approximately 100 copies of the Chimes newspapers were found in at least three trash receptacles around campus.

Empty bin in Yochum Hall.

Friday afternoon, Chimes staff members became aware that distribution bins in Yochum Hall, Battelle Hall, the Student Union, and Saylor-Ackermann Hall were all empty only one day after publication.

A pile of papers were found in a recycling bin outside of Yochum Hall.

Upon further investigation, those copies were found in trash cans and recycling bins nearby the aforementioned bins.

According to the Student Press Law Center, newspaper theft is a crime.

If you have any tips regarding this incident, contact us at chimes@capital.edu.

STORY UPDATED at 6:41 p.m. Friday, Oct. 25:

It has been determined that additional copies of the Chimes have been taken from the distribution bin in the Capital Center, and the number of taken copies has reached the hundreds.

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