June 20, 2024

A #CapFam, #CapPets check in

Who doesn’t love cute, cuddly, and adorable pets? Especially those of which belong to our very own #CapFam! Pets are a necessity, especially during drearier times, so here is a compiled list of totally charming and lovable #CapPets. 

This showcase will include several Capital University students’ pets, and a few cool things about those pets. 

The first pet we have to showcase is Penny the kitten. Penny loves to be around people, and cannot stand to be alone by himself for over five minutes. He loves salami, as well. The baby cat will carry around small stuffed mice, and offer you one if he likes you. He sounds purrfect! 

This is Penny. Photo submitted by Caity Hoffman.

Penny’s owner Caity Hoffman, who is a senior middle childhood education major. 

Our next fluffy friend is Reggie the Pitbull-Boxer mix dog. The pup is a rescue animal, and is a very sweet dog. His favorite toy is a grey and white rope toy. 

This is Reggie. Photo submitted by Isabel Jimenez.

The owner of Reggie is Isabel Jimenez, a senior who is attending Capital University for criminology, and psychology. 

The next pup on the list is Zazu, who is an Australian Shepherd-Red Heeler mix. Zazu absolutely loves to model for his audience, and the animal’s favorite toy is an orange bone chew toy. 

This is Zazu. Photo submitted by J’Lyn Branche.

J’Lyn Branche, a third year student majoring in psychology and minor in human resource management, is the owner of the dog. 

Our last fuzzy pal on the list is Otto the black Labrador and Weiner dog mix. Otto is going to be a hotdog for Halloween this year, or a Halloweenie. His favorite toy is a stuffed shark plushie. 

This is Otto. Photo submitted by Kate Ellison.


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