March 1, 2024

Best places on campus for the Home Depot skeleton

Capital University should make a great use of their annual budget, and just put a simple $300 down for the 12-foot-tall skeleton that is currently being sold at Home Depot. 

I personally believe this would be a wonderful use of our budget, especially considering some people wanted to use upwards of $5,000 for a party during a pandemic. Here’s a list of fantastic places to put the skeleton.

In place of the usual Christmas tree. He’s a great height and he could be decorated in the lovely purple lights the way the tree is.

All photos by Madeleine Rollins

In front of the gates as a warning for students who aren’t paying attention. We all get a little distracted on our phones sometimes, and who else but the Home Depot skeleton to lead us back on the right path, and not out the gates.

In the fountains, but only on warm days, he deserves to have some fun.

Behind Saint Anthony, because they would be good friends. Battelle gets lonely at night.

As Romeo and Juliet in MDR, and in the hall outside of the Mezz. College students deserve to see a wonderful, skeleton love story. Although, this would need two of the Home Depot skeletons, it would be well worth the money.

In the courtyard in front of the trinity townhouses and apartments, just so I can see him while I’m cooking dinner. It would be a beautiful decoration.

In the fake garden in Yochum because financial aid is scary, and he would be a friendly face to remind students that everything will be okay. He would be a happy happy camper right in the entrance.


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