February 5, 2023

Opinion: Gucci is weird, here’s why

UPDATED 8:39 P.M. ET on Oct. 18, 2020: The article has been updated to remove two entries that were not actual Gucci products, the Theodent chocolate toothpaste and the diamond nail clippers. In addition, the price of the Gucci dressing screen has been changed to reflect the current price on the website, which is $32,000.

Gucci is weird, and today we will discuss several reasons why. First off, let’s talk about what it is if you aren’t caught up to speed. 

Originating from Florence, Italy in 1920, Gucci is a luxury line of clothing, namely consisting of leather goods. Their items can range to several hundred dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Now that we’ve discussed what Gucci is, let’s delve into their weird antics. 

In Fall 2018, Gucci held a fashion show where models walked down the runway with look-alike replicas of their own heads. 

Gucci had their models carry ultra-realistic mannequins of their heads in their 2018 Fall fashion show.

Pretty freaky, right? Well, supposedly, there is a meaning behind this. 

Alessandro Michele, director of Gucci, has a peculiar infatuation with both Renaissance and medieval art. 

Cephalophores, which is a term associated with the medieval era, were statues of saints who carried their heads as a sign that they were martyred from being beheaded. This explains the symbolism behind the head-carrying show that Gucci hosted. 

There are quite a few odd items that Gucci sells, which is quite unsurprising. Nonetheless, it does not make the brand any less weird as a clothing brand. 

Gucci has a dressing screen that you can buy for a whopping $32,000! If the price on that isn’t weird enough, I don’t know what is!

It can be argued that it is not too extraordinary for Gucci, a fashion brand that sells clothing, to sell dressing screens.

If you’ve had enough of the weird Gucci items, we can move on to the next reason that Gucci is weird. 

It is well established that Gucci’s style is very weird as well. Take a look at this outfit that was part of a show that took place in London. The model sports an orange, spiky fit that appears to be a sea urchin of some sort. 

High fashion, I think?

This is not even the weirdest outfit that Gucci has displayed in a show. It would be impossible to list them all, actually.

Moving on to the next weird outfit, we have an extraordinary style that resembles a gas mask. Honestly, I can’t decide if the orange sea urchin or the gas mask outfit is more odd.

Photo via Nexter.org.

From head-carrying runway shows, to chocolate toothpaste, and even sea urchin outfits, Gucci is certainly one of the weirdest brands out there.

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