September 27, 2022

Black is Beautiful: EBA puts together art showcase

The Ebony Brotherhood Association (EBA) will host their first art show on Nov. 19.

“I feel like it’s more than an art show,” Joe Butler, president of EBA, said. “We want it to be a cultivation of black beauty.”

Butler went on to explain that the Black is Beautiful art show will be unlike anything Capital has seen before. Not only will there be physical art, but spoken word, projections, dance, and music. 

Joe Butler is the current president of Ebony Brotherhood Association. Photo submitted by Joe Butler.

EBA says this is a step in the right direction because most of their events are co-hosted. They believe this event not only helps them stand out but will bring people together to celebrate black beauty. 

“Being a minority on a predominantly white campus, there are very few times black beauty can truly be treasured and showcased,” Micah Pearson, vice president of EBA, said. “It’s truly important to us. We’re trying to elevate black beauty to the highest light imaginable.”

EBA is focused on making sure their event is well attended within the Capital community and the Columbus community. Butler mentioned EBA is trying to get Columbus Black involved to get media coverage around their upcoming event.

Having a large-scale event is sure to come with challenges. “Our biggest challenge is coordination right now,” Butler said. “With so many orgs involved, coordination is hard.”

EBA currently has eight other student organizations involved with their art show. Five of those organizations are based within the Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI).

Butler mentioned that it’s important for them to reach outside of the ODI and collaborate with other student organizations. “We need to reach outside of ODI orgs because that’s just us preaching to ourselves,” he said.

EBA encourages everyone to stay tuned for information concerning the Black is Beautiful art show. Updates will be provided via Instagram and CORQ.

If you are interested in participating in EBA’s art show email Joe Butler

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