September 27, 2022

Casual campus clubs to enjoy this semester

From houseplants to disc golf, Capital’s campus has now seen the arrival of three new clubs that don’t require high commitment.

“If the time comes, and you want to show, show up. There’s no set schedule… It’s just come and go as you please,” Joey Soto, vice president of the Disc Golf Club, said.

There has been a huge surge in low-commitment clubs around campus recently. Whether it is because of the pandemic or because people just don’t want to feel pressured to always show up to club events. 

“If you’ve never played disc golf before, you’re welcome. We would love to teach you about it — you don’t have to know anything about it. It’s a fun time. And especially if you’ve never done it before. Especially nowadays, it’s a great way to just get out, throw a disc and forget about life for a while,” Soto said.

The Houseplants Club, the Mancala Club and the Disc Golf Club are all great new clubs that require almost no commitment at all. 

And it shows that people really like that idea. The houseplants club has over 60 members, the Mancala Club has nearly 35 and the Disc Golf Club has over 60. 

The Houseplants Club is all about people coming together and learning about houseplants and going out and buying people plants and having fun. 

“It’s really kind of like an educational and service organization a little bit. Not service, but like a lot of free things for people, which is a big draw,” Tyler Stanley, president and founder of the Houseplants Club, said.

Tyler Stanley of the Houseplants club. Photo submitted by Tyler Stanley.

The Mancala Club is all ab out having fun. At the Mancala Club’s last event, they bought pizza and played Mancala at the fountains on campus for an hour. 

People can show up, eat a few pieces of pizzas, play a game of mancala and leave if you want. There’s no commitment there. And if you’ve never played mancala before, they are more than happy to teach you. 

“It’s easy to come to. We have a lot of food because we care about food; mancala is a fun game, and it’s nice to meet friends. And, yeah, learning mancala is a fun strategy game and it’s more fun than you’d expect,” Kayleigh Fisher, vice president of the Mancala Club, said.

Mancala Club Co-Presidents and Vice President: Alyse Hancock-Phillips (Left), Kayleigh Fisher (Center), and Emily Lutman (Right). Photo submitted by Alyse Hancock-Philips.

Both the Houseplants Club and the Mancala Club have an average of one event each month. 

If you’re looking for a more competitive club without the commitment of being on an official team, the Disc Golf Club is for you. 

They meet about once a week on campus, or to go to a park and play, and they meet every two weeks to discuss future club plans.

Keep an eye on Corq for any events relating to the Houseplants Club and Mancala Club, and if you have any interest in any of the Disc Golf Club’s non-official activities, Vice President Joey Soto and President Isaiah Miller would love to see you at a meeting and answer any of your questions.

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