September 27, 2022

Perfect costume ideas for Halloween

With Halloween approaching quickly, many college students are getting ready for parties and festive gatherings. 

If you are like me, you are looking to wear something cheap, recognizable, and fast. I am someone who always forgets the holiday is approaching, and races to my nearest Spirit Halloween to debate on whether to spend almost $100 on a costume, or just buy some cat ears and call it a day. A suggestion on easy costumes might be exactly what you’re looking for, too. 

After my recent search through the internet, I have compiled a list of costumes that are affordable, easy to make and easily recognizable at any party. 

I firmly believe there is nothing worse than putting a ton of effort into a great costume, only to have two people know who you are trying to be. 

To start my list off, I will share my own costume this year. After falling in love with the Scarlet Witch and rewatching WandaVision four times, I decided that Wanda’s Halloween costume in episode 6 would be the perfect, easy costume. 

All I needed to put it together was a pair of tights (with pink dye), a red bodysuit, red boots (which I DIYed from black to red glitter), a red cape and red gloves. I quickly learned that the headpiece was the trickiest part of the costume and no one seemed to carry her signature crown for less than $60 or had a 3D printer. 

I bought some foam paper and an elastic band and tried my best to cut out the pretty straightforward shape. Really, as long as the crown is big, red, and somewhat the right shape, everyone will know who you are trying to be. Overall, the costume was a hit at the party I went to, and I had people stopping me all night to chat about the show. 

If you aren’t much of a Marvel buff, you could always go for the classics. Witches, cats and devils can all be made with usually one color (black or red) and a headpiece of some sort (hat, ears, horns). All of the items can be found at a Halloween store for maybe $10. 

For men, I saw a lot of Step Brothers costumes. A sweater vest and some outrageous curly hair would cut it. Superman costumes can be as low-effort as a tee shirt and some fake glasses or adding a cape for effect. Where’s Waldo also seemed to be low effort and cheap, with just a red and white striped shirt, a beanie and some glasses. 

Overall, Halloween is not supposed to be the most stressful part of the year (I could argue that would be Christmas), and it should make you excited to get into the spirit and dress the part. Halloween is not usually a holiday I consider to be a favorite of mine, but it was nice to share my appreciation of something I liked to create.

Even if it is not elaborate and thought out all year, having fun with it and wearing something you created makes you feel good and proud of what determination and a two-hour time limit can bring.  

Go watch some of your favorite shows, think back to some characters you liked either recently or as a child, and think about how simplistic their outfits can be. Chances are, it is pretty obtainable and not too hard to figure out. Have fun with it, and be creative this Halloween season!

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