July 14, 2024

Capital Grounds: building the university’s community

Photo by Tatiana Sullivan. Ms. T is a beloved member of her community due to her kindness and caring nature.

The friendly baristas and familiar faces at the university’s Capital Grounds makes it more than just a place to grab coffee, but instead a place to experience the university’s community.

Capital Grounds is located on the first floor of Saylor-Ackerman Hall. It offers specialty coffee from locally roasted Crimson Cup and an assortment of grab-and-go items. 

Upon arrival, students will be greeted by the friendly baristas. The most well-known barista is Miss T.  Miss T is known for her ability to remember her customers’ names and orders. The caring staff  is what makes Capital Grounds such a friendly environment.

Miss T said the most popular drinks Capital Grounds sells are iced lattes, smoothies and freezes. 

Iced lattes are mixtures of espresso shots, flavorings, and a choice of dairy. The most popular flavor to put in a latte is vanilla.

Photo by Tatiana Sullivan. A smoothie, iced latte and muffin from Capital Grounds.

The most popular smoothies made at Capital Grounds are strawberry banana, banana and strawberry mango. 

The freezes are frozen mixtures of select flavors and are topped with whipped cream. The most popular freezes are vanilla latte, white mocha and mocha.. 

Through a poll on Instagram, students chose their go-to order at Capital Grounds.

Out of 55 votes, 19% of voters selected the smoothie as their top choice. 24% of voters chose the freeze as their go-to order. The majority of voters, 57%, chose the iced latte. These results conclude that the iced latte is the most favorable menu item at Capital Grounds. 

Instead of getting coffee at places such as Starbucks, Tim Hortons or Dunkin’ Donuts, consider trying Capital Grounds. Capital Grounds is open for business 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekdays, but the space is accessible 24 hours a day. They accept credit cards, cash and Capital Bucks, making this a great spot for residents and commuters to hang out on campus.


  • Maddie Dougoud

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