July 14, 2024

Navigating the college puzzle: unveiling the interconnected challenges of academic, social and life transitions

In a time where academic pressure, social and peer pressure, transitions and life changes are happening to students everywhere, the university has offered the right resources students can use to ease some pressure.

Whether academic pressure includes doing well on exams, impressing a professor, meeting parental expectations or meeting personal standards, it can cause stress and anxiety for college students.

In “Stress and Mental Health on College Students,” M. V. Landow writes, “[students are] suffering from exam stress and emotional disorders (anxiety and depression.) These two disorders can have negative effects on human behavior, like their effects on sleep (both quantitative and qualitative), and on cognitive functions (attention, concentration, and memory), consequently these will lead to drastic impairments in the learning process.” 

Social and peer pressure can create several mental health challenges. Due to conformity and identity development issues, individuals may feel pressured to conform to social norms and expectations. This can then influence choices and behaviors. 

The struggle of finding the balance between fitting in and finding a unique identity can cause stress and anxiety. 

Comparison and self-esteem can cause pressure to meet societal or peer-defined standards of success, appearance or achievement that could lead to anxiety and depression. 

Seeking approval, the desire for social approval, can influence decision-making and could potentially lead individuals to prioritize external validation over their own well-being. The fear of judgment may become a barrier while trying to express true thoughts and feelings. 

Coming to college is a major life change. College is a time where students teach themselves to live alone. Parents or guardians are not present, the support system students may have grown up with is absent which can make students disconnected from their norm. 

It is not unusual for students to feel this way and it is always okay to find someone to help ease some anxiety and stressors. This can be a close friend, professor, coach or using the university’s resources at the Health and Wellness Center. 

The university has a supportive staff at the Center of Health and Wellness that are always available, no matter the issue. The staff at the Health and Wellness Center are reachable 24/7, have three psychotherapists and university students are eligible for unlimited free counseling sessions. 

The Center of Health and Wellness is located at 2311 East Main St., between Blackmore Library and Battelle Hall. Daytime appointments are Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Crisis hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. for students who don’t have an appointment.

To schedule an appointment, students can go to https://www.capital.edu/student-life/health-and-wellness/.


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