November 30, 2023

Pilot Capbucks program to begin at Zoe’s Cafe

Beta testing of a new program that will allow students to use Capbucks at Main Street restaurants will begin this month at Zoe’s Cafe.

“We are working with IT and the equipment provider to make sure we have a safe and secure internet connection,” Tracy Stevenson, executive administrative assistant of business and finance, said. “Once that is tested we will begin at Zoe’s.”

The beta program is intended to project how many students will actually use their Capbucks at participating restaurants and ensure that the program is not a wast of time and money.

“Also on deck is Jimmy John’s and Guiseppe’s restaurant … once testing at Zoe’s has been completed, we will move on to [one of them],” Stevenson said.

Currently, students who present a valid Capital ID can receive a 15 percent discount on their total bill at Zoe’s Cafe.

The program was originally announced in September, with a 30-day timeline in which Cosi would serve as a beta test restaurant. Last month, Cosi announced that it would be closing, effective immediately, creating problems for the plan and sending the office of business and finance back to the drawing board.

The program is now back on track, with phase one of beta testing at Zoe’s to conclude by winter break, and phase two at Jimmy John’s and/or Guiseppe’s to begin with the spring semester.

More information about the program will be made available as testing moves forward.


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