November 30, 2023

Sports confuse me.

I don’t understand the point of sports.

This may be hypocritical. I ran cross country and track all throughout high school and middle school, as well as during my first year of college. I was in marching band so i attended every single one of my high school football games and almost every basketball game that there was to be at.

I could not tell you a single thing about either sport. 

I don’t know why people like them – especially now.

I can understand the adrenaline rush when you’re in a crowd full of people watching your child’s high school or college team win something massive – but to support random people playing anything is where it stumps me.

My mind comes up blank when forced to think about most athletes, and I couldn’t tell you why baseball has nine innings or why love means nothing in tennis. 

Sports during the entirety of Covid-19 has really put a stopper where my mind usually understands the genuine fun behind sports – but watching people sit in restaurants watch sports games where there’s no audience just boggles my mind.

If you were to watch that sport in person right now it could kill you, and the athletes could catch Covid-19 while playing, yet people threw fits when sports seasons got cancelled or even postponed.

Maybe I just don’t fully understand the general premise of devoting your life to a college sports team, or getting their logo (even if it may be offensive) tattooed permanently (and that’s a lot for me to say, because I have a dumb tattoo that I love that nobody else understands), and even just betting loads of money on something so frivolous.

If you understand sports, please email me as to why there is such a cult following to those things. I’m dying to know.


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