June 20, 2024

Anti- Abortion protestors take to campus

Today, seven protestors a part of the Created Equal organization stood outside of Capital University’s front gates to protest abortion. 

Created Equal is an anti-abortion organization that travels across different urban areas and college campus’ with the goal to educate people on abortion.

After calling Public Safety, it is now known that these protestors were not on Capital’s campus, as the sidewalk outside of the gates on Main Street is public property. 

The protestors were wearing body cameras strapped to their chests. 

Two protestors were asked to do an interview and both declined, explaining that they did not do media. This is when a third protester stepped in and agreed to an interview. 

“We’re an anti abortion organization. The reason why we’re against abortion is because it is wrong to intentionally kill innocent human beings,” said protester Ava Frank. “We believe that it is always wrong and that’s why we want to spread awareness.”

According to Frank, over 2,300 babies are killed legally every day. 

When asked if the group were against all abortions, even those performed due to health risks for the mother or fetus, Frank said “Elective abortion is never medically necesary. If it were, they could induce early on… We’re never in support of abortion because it’s also never medically necessary.”

Along with the body cameras, the protestors stood next to signs that showed graphic images of aborted fetuses. These signs also included how many weeks old the fetus was at the time the procedure occurred.

“The signs are graphic because abortion is graphic. It is intentionally ripping apart innocent human beings. The reason we are using it is because statistically it is the most effective way to put a more negative view on the topic throughout human rights issues,” Frank said. “We’ve seen effective imagry used in the Holocaust, Civil Rights era and also slavery as well. It has been a very powerful and effective tool to give a more negative viewpoint on what’s going on.”

Frank believes that protesting this topic will bring awareness, as well as educate individuals. 

The protestors were handing out pamphlets to all walking by, including students. When asked how they felt about the protest, students expressed frustration and anger.

“I think that it [the protest] is kind of f—— stupid. They’re trying to get a show. I really think they are just trying to get a good YouTube video. Probably a compilation of angry baby killers and how angry they are,” Niel Johnson, a third-year Integrated Studies major, said. 

When asked how she felt about the protestor’s approaching students, third-year Environmental Science major Dylan Smith, said, “It feels stalkerish. I think that it’s gross and wrong.”

After a group of students began to counter the protest, Created Equal packed up their signs and left.


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