May 27, 2022

Best vegetarian and vegan options in Columbus, Ohio

Whether you’re an experienced vegetarian or just wanting to try out the lifestyle, there are plenty of restaurants with options for a meat-free meal in Columbus, Ohio.

Diets that cut out animal products have risen in popularity in recent years due to ethical and health concerns. 

Eden Burger is a completely vegan restaurant located on N. High Street specializing in casual eats. Dairy-free shakes, loaded fries, meatless nuggets, and a large variety of burgers and “chicken” sandwiches are all a part of the menu. 

The patties are created from a variety of vegetables and legumes or tempeh. This small business is praised by both vegetarians and meat-eaters for their flavorful sandwiches. 

Hot Chicken Takeover, which has multiple locations in Columbus, has recently added vegan nuggets to their menu, and they do not disappoint. The meal comes with 10 plant-based nuggets, housemade vegan ranch, pickles, bread, and sweet or unsweetened tea. A side of mac and cheese, baked beans, and/or cole slaw can also be added to your meal for a small extra charge. 

For those who are big fans of Indian food, Cumin and Curry, located near Easton Town Center, is one of the best places to eat. The restaurant has a large vegetarian menu and a few vegan options as well. The best meal from here is Malai Kofta, which is vegetable dumplings in an almond based sauce. Rice and naan are also a great edition to every meal.

Chipotle is another easy place for vegetarians and vegans to eat since you get to create your own meal. Chipotle offers a wide variety of vegetables to add to your meal, as well as sofritas, a shredded and seasoned tofu. 

Chipotle soft shell tacos with sofritas, fresh tomato salsa, lettuce, and cheese. Photo taken by Ava Boldizar.

Similar to Chipotle, Bibibop is another create-your-own meal type place that is great for vegetarians and vegans. Bibibop is very similar to Chipotle but is an Asian grill rather than a Mexican grill. Both are easy options depending on what type of food you are in the mood for. 

Northstar Cafe has multiple locations around Columbus, and a variety of meat and dairy-free options. Northstar Cafe’s menu features a variety of salads, a smoothie bowl, phad thai, a buddha bowl, a thai burrito and a meatless burger called “The Northstar Burger”. I have gone to Northstar multiple times with meat-eating friends and family members who have loved The Northstar Burger as well. 

Noodles & Company has many locations around Columbus and a lot of vegetarian and vegan options. Noodles & Company’s menu consists of many different pastas and salads. Some personal favorite meals are the Penne Rosa and Japanese pan noodles. 

Noodles & Company’s menu also features cauliflower rigatoni, which contains a full serving of vegetables, and can be substituted for other types of noodles. Tofu can be added to any dish as well. 

Sushi is not off the table for vegetarians and vegans, and there are multiple places in Columbus where one can get delicious meatless sushi. One of these options is very familiar to many Capital students: Moshi Sushi located in Bexley. 

I always get the OHIO Roll at Moshi, which is definitely my favorite sushi I have ever had. Moshi also has other vegetarian options on their menu such as phad thai and tofu steak.

Another option for sushi is Fusian, which has multiple locations around Columbus. Fusian allows you to create your own sushi. I usually get tofu, avocado, asparagus, cucumber, and cream cheese in my sushi with sweet soy sauce on top. The restaurant also has sushi bowls, salads, and side dishes such as spicy edamame.

Need a quick and cheap bite? More and more fast food restaurants are getting vegetarian options. 

Burger King has an impossible whopper, White Castle has impossible sliders, and Wendy’s is currently rolling out a spicy black bean burger in select locations. 

The Impossible Whopper is one of the best fast food options for vegetarians. Photo by Tony Webster via Flickr.

The impossible whopper from Burger King would have to be my favorite fast food option, but all of these are easy and appetizing choices. 

This list displays just a small number of restaurants in Columbus with vegetarian or vegan options. A large majority of restaurants I have been to have at least a few meatless options that are not salad. 

These restaurants are my personal favorites and definitely worth trying for vegetarians or anyone interested in eating less animal products.

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