September 28, 2022

Details behind Admissions Office construction

As most students on Capital University’s campus have seen, the Admissions office has been receiving some renovations. 

If you are visiting campus or are a current student, you might have had to relocate to the CMC (Convergent Media Center) for all your Admissions needs. 

Admissions at Capital takes care of accepting students in and taking major questions you may have about Capital. It is an essential building on campus. 

There is little to be said, though, of what is actually happening to the Admissions office. A quick Google search provides little information. 

Emily Ragland, assistant vice president of Admissions, responded to an email requesting to meet and chat about the “renovations”. 

Ragland said, “We are not exactly renovating, we are truly getting a new roof due to leaks over an extended period of time.” 

This was the answer to the overarching question. Not only that, but it seemed to answer why there were not any results on the University’s website.

To learn more about the details of the construction,  Facilities Management was approached for more information, as Ragland was not sure if any other questions could be answered by Admissions. 

Paul Matthews, director of Facilities Management, was on vacation and could not provide further detail. 

Overall it seems the construction was structurally necessary and seems to be coming along well. There’s not an exact date on when it will be done, so at this time, the CMC will continue to act as a temporary station for Admissions.

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