September 27, 2022

Pandemic impacts Capital’s study abroad program

Capital University’s study abroad program not only faced travel restrictions, but also a sizable decrease in student involvement in the last year. 

The worldwide pandemic changed many things at Capital University, from classrooms to campus activities. Capital University’s Center for Global Education in particular was significantly impacted by COVID-19 regulations. 

Jennifer Adams, director of the Center for Global Education, commented on the status of the department. 

She told The Chimes that currently, the University has one student overseas in Italy. That is far fewer than the normal number of students going on trips; but it seems like while many students were still worried about traveling, there is more interest and students seeking out appointments with Adams. 

As the University has enforced vaccinations, it is essential that all students looking to study abroad be vaccinated before getting on a plane; some airlines going as far as to include a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours. 

There has also been an increase in scholarships to travel abroad, as the number of students going have decreased. Overall, the value of the scholarships fluctuates from situation to situation. 

There is also the additional cost of quarantining before entering some countries. Other countries have lifted this requirement as more people are vaccinated. 

In addition, there are new coverages for new pandemics that may occur while a person is studying abroad. These cover the cost to bring students back to the U.S., which was a concern at the beginning of the pandemic. 

The other big worry is the time it is taking to get a renewed passport in the U.S. 

Currently, Adams said it is taking four months for a regular renewal and eight weeks for an expedited passport. Students who may be interested in traveling abroad may want to start the process now, as many people forget passports expire and need to be renewed. 

Adams hopes that more people start to get curious about studying abroad because it not only gives you a chance to see things from a new perspective, but can be a complete change of pace that you may only get to experience once in your life. 

With the available scholarships, many people who may have previously thought studying abroad was out of budget can now consider it. 

The program is realistically more affordable than students realize and it’s worth every penny. Students can get special access to venues while traveling at lower rates, as well as enjoying the cost-saving benefits of having scholarships to cover tuition, food costs and room and board. 

Adams encourages students to think about how much they would spend while staying in the states compared to how much it costs to join the program. Students are also able to spend only a single semester abroad at a time, instead of an entire year, should they so choose. Traveling for only one semester under a scholarship can cut costs tremendously. 

To get in touch with Jennifer Adams, students can go to to find open advising hours and set up a meeting with Adams. Then, you can discuss interests and places to go that will fit your major and budget. 

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